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Sam and Fuzzy Forum Ninja Law

Postby Sam Logan » Wed Jan 28, 2009 1:07 am

Read them. Learn them. Live them. Love them.

1. This forum is NOT an instant messenger.

If you are making 20 posts a minute, refusing to use any capital letters or punctuation, or typing "u r" instead of "you are," you are doing something wrong.

2. Do not surprise people with offensive material.

I don't like censorship. But think of your peers! They might be viewing this from school or work! Or they might just not be into your Pokemon hentai collection. So if you absolutely must share it, make sure you warn people it's coming and give them a chance to not look at it.

3. Personal attacks are NEVER acceptable.

If you disagree with someone, just say you disagree with them. Don't call them an inbred, knuckle-dragging mutant. This is our most rigidly enforced rule. The minute you make things personal is the minute you are banned.

4. Don't dig up old threads.
Please check how old the last post in a topic is before responding to it. The discussion might be months old! Only resurrect an ancient thread if you believe it has becoming legitimately relevant again for some reason.

5. Keep your signature small
Keep your sig down to a height of 150px and a width of 600px. It's just polite, dude.

6. Don't use the forum to ask about your t-shirt order
If you have a question about a purchase you made in the Sam and Fuzzy shop, please email me directly. I can help you much faster that way.
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