Anti-spam measures...

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Anti-spam measures...

Postby Bartimaeus » Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:03 am

I run a phpBB forum, and used to receive spam remarkably similar to the kind this board is currently getting, (Russian/Cyrillic text spam)...until I limited the amount of registration attempts to 5, switched the registration captcha over to the Q&A captcha, and asked questions like this:

This website is called (fill in the blank): and
This website is called (fill in the blank): fuzzy
This website is called (fill in the blank): sam
This website is called (fill in the blank): samand; sam and
This website is called (fill in the blank): andfuzzy; and fuzzy

...and now I only get a spammer every few weeks at worst, (admin control panel -> general -> board configuration -> spambot countermeasures). Have no idea if this is helpful at all, but I thought I'd chime in in case it was. I also enabled "Set Newly Registered Users group to default" (under user registration settings), set the New member post limit to 1, (so that they're taken out of that group when they've posted at least one [approved] post), and limited that group's forum rights to have their posts be on moderation queue, but that's more of a mixed bag, honestly...
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Re: Anti-spam measures...

Postby absurdsuddenly » Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:56 pm

This is genius!!
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