Introduction to Volume 2:
Previously on Sam and Fuzzy:

Sam is a man with a troubled home-life. His cat is borderline comatose. His refridgerator is possessed by an abussive demon. And his best friend and roomate, Fuzzy, is a scheming, amoral, and frequently sadistic little bear.

His career isn't going much better. For the past seven years, Sam has been working as a cab driver for X-Per-S Taxi. Unfortunately, he hasn't been working very hard, or very well.

His boss, Mr. Ackerman, keeps him on only out of a sense of father-like compassion. His co-worker, Lance, refuses to take him seriously. And even though he's never met (or even seen) his other co-worker -- the world-famous super-cabbie Carlyle -- his reputation alone has given Sam a massive inferiority complex.

Things were looking up when Sam was dating Alexa, a cashier at Bunton's Books. But the relationship ended when Alexa grew tired of his aimlessness and lack of ambition.

Now Sam is back into the same old rut he's lived in for seven long years. But all of that is about to change...

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