Introduction to Volume 3:
Previously on Sam and Fuzzy:

For seven long years, Sam was living in a rut. At home, he lived with his near-comotose and his cheming, amoral, and frequently sadistic roomate, Fuzzy. At work, he drove a taxi-cab (poorly) for the extremely forgiving Mr. Ackerman.

But one day, all that changed. Driven by the harsh criticism of his co-worker Lance, Sam tried to prove his cabbie worth by taking one of the dangerous top secret taxi missions usually reserved for world famous super-cabbie Carlyle. In the resulting disaster, Sam narrowly escaped from a trio of deadly Mafia Ninjas, and his taxi was destroyed.

To repay his debt to Mr. Ackerman, Sam took a new job as a "sales associate" at Bunton Books. There, he befriended the easy-going Andrea, and gradually rebuilt a civil relationship with his opinionated ex-girlfriend Alexa.

Unbeknownst to Sam, Fuzzy also took a job: secretly working for a Ninja Mafia squadron run by the uptight, by-the-book Scott. Also on the squad are the rebellious Jackson, the ambitious Sexxica and the incredibly stupid Ox.

Fuzzy also attempted to make some cash by creating an iconic alternative cartoon character, but due to a contractual fiasco, the rights to Skull Panda are now shared exclusively by Dead Monkey Press and infamous cartoonist Rikk Estoban.

Eventually, the trio of Mafia Ninjas that destroyed Sam's taxi managed to track him down to his apartment. But before they could attack him, they were possessed by the demon that had been living in Sam's Fridge. Neither the fridge demon nor the ninjas have ever been seen again...


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