Twitter Sketch-off Challenge: Cast the Sam and Fuzzy cast as famous (and not so famous) videogame characters!

As suggested by Sam and Fuzzy readers on twitter on December 13th, 2011. Click to view larger versions!

Alas, all these suckers have been sold! Better luck next time.
Amaterasu (SOLD)
Battletoads (SOLD)
Bomberman (SOLD)
Bowser (SOLD)
Chell (SOLD)
Ezio (SOLD)
Faith (SOLD)
Jade (SOLD)
Left 4 Dead (1) (SOLD)
Left 4 Dead (2) (SOLD)
Link & Gyorg (SOLD)
Master Higgins & Bonk
Raz (SOLD)
Red & Pikachu (SOLD)
Sonic (SOLD)
Sora & Riku (SOLD)
Space Marine
Travis and Sylvia (SOLD)
Viewtiful Joe (SOLD)
Volibear (SOLD)
Wanda & a Colossus (SOLD)