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Showdown, Pt. 30

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Oct 22, 2008

Dawn of an era

Exciting webcomic alert! My good pal Michael Stearns -- who some of you may remember from a certain guest comic waaay back when -- is now hard at work at a webcomic of his own! It's called Dawn of Time, and it's overflowing with some of the most ridiculously delightful cartoon dinosaurs you will have ever seen.

Actually, the visual storytelling in general is top notch -- so much so that the initial chunk of the archive reads beautifully despite being almost completely wordless. And when the words eventually do come in... well, I don't want to spoil the reason why, but it's really neat.

Dawn of Time: a comic on the internet! Heartily recommended.

In other news, I'm currently busy putting together the design for a brand new limited print! This one is a bit... uh... odd, but I'm really having fun with it, and hopefully at least a few of you will to! Anyone interested in a sneak peek can check out this forum thread and watch as I chronicle the print's gradual production process.

Sam Logan

Oct 20, 2008

Say it all in a pop song

A new week begins today... and I find myself trying to write a newspost with what appears to be a completely empty brain. Not a good sign for the rest of the week!

I hear that a gratuitous shop plug always can help fill some space, but it's probably just a rumour.

Sam Logan


Oct 17, 2008


De Blob is out, and let me tell you... it's everything fans of the painting-buildings-with-coloured-blobs genre have been waiting for. So put down that aging copy of Phlegmy Colourizes Pittsburg 6 for the Commodore 64. There is a new game in town, and it's every bit as good... if not better!

It also has one of the most creative game soundtracks I've ever heard... an entirely jazz/funk score, recorded by a live band, that changes organically depending on your in-level progress. The music doesn't just build and develop as you gradually colourize the game's monochrome towns... it actually brings different solo instruments to the forefront depending on which colour of paint you are currently using. Red? Saxaphones. Blue? Trumpets. Brown? Turntables.

The end result is a kind of harmony between gameplay and sound that I haven't seen since Rez. Also, "harmony" is a music word. That's what we in the business call a pun, Charlie. Take notes!

Sam Logan