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Bitey's Holiday Special, Pt. 3

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Dec 26, 2008

First Against Thirst

Thus concludes the magic that was Bitey's Holiday Special. I hope you all learned a valuable lesson about... I don't know, friendship or something.

Just a reminder... the t-shirt 3-pack sale wraps up on Sunday! Act fast to avoid disappointment.

Next week: More comics!

-Sam Logan

Dec 24, 2008

Ho ho ho!

Christmas: the one time of year when long-canceled cartoons can live on, thanks to the disturbing time capsule that is the "Christmas Special." I hope the children's TV networks still pad out their holiday programming by dredging up horrible animated fossils from the 70s and 80s, like they did when I was a kid. Today's youth may be able to avoid the likes of the Smurfs and He-Man the rest of the year, but Christmas is all about tradition.

Have a safe and pleasant holiday, everyone! And if you're not too busy recovering, tune in on Friday for the conclusion of Bitey's holiday opus.

-Sam Logan

PS: Interested parties are reminded that this Sunday is the last day to order one of our discount T-shirt 3-packs!

Dec 22, 2008

Pirate cyborgs

Bitey the Shark, as you may recall, was originally used to poke fun at a certain misguided video game franchise. But now, he's been empowered with a higher purpose! Uh... relatively speaking, anyhow.

In all the brouhaha of Volume 4's conclusion, I completely forgot to remind folks that the T-shirt 3-pack sale was coming to a close! So I've extended it an extra week. It now wraps on Sunday!

Meanwhile, our special holiday programming continues on Wednesday. See you then!

-Sam Logan