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Crisis of Conscience, Pt. 3

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Jan 9, 2009

The old switcheroo

Next week: our story takes a surprising turn! (And no, Conscience Cat and Dr Crab do not switch places.) Will another familiar-yet-long-absent face be turning up? Will they be accompanied by astounding levels of danger and intrigue? Or is this all just a completely transparent attempt to hype you up for no particular reason?


Sam Logan

Jan 7, 2009

Thuppa thuppa thuppa

Important information: is the place on the internet to experience the fabulous comics and illustrations of Anthony Clark... in convenient blog format! I am a huge fan of his Beartato and Reginald strips in particular. Check them out... while you still can.

Our latest story continues on Friday. Tune in... to the magic!

-Sam Logan

Jan 5, 2009

Healing claw

Much like the "Fuzzy Loves Megaman" print, I stumbled onto the basic concept of this little storyline while doodling random sketches during the summer convention season. I have to admit, I was a little bit disappointed that Ryan Estrada managed to unknowingly beat me to the punch with his last guest strip, (which you can find in September 17, 2008 newspost) but them's the breaks!

Newer readers might need a quick reminder of who Dr. Crab is. Then again, today's comic probably tells you everything you need to know. Back at APE, Jeph and I decided that if there was ever a Sam and Fuzzy animated series, Dr. Crab would probably speak with a deep, Antonio Banderas-esque Spanish accent. Well, either that, or with a completely different over-the-top foreign accent each time he makes an appearance. I think an argument can be made in favour of either strategy.

-Sam Logan