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Apr 6, 2009

Con artist

As always, Emerald City Comicon was a blast. Thanks to everyone who came by the booth and experienced the magic.

And you know what? Thanks to everyone who couldn't make it to the show. It's not your fault! You don't live anywhere near Seattle. Or you were busy! Or lazy. It's ok. I understand. I won't judge you.

-Sam Logan

PS: judge judge judge

Apr 3, 2009

This Weekend: Emerald City Comicon, Seattle!

No Q and A this week, I'm afraid... I was too busy getting ready for this weekend's Emerald City Comicon! Shannon and I are driving down to Seattle today, but the show itself doesn't begin until first thing Saturday morning.

I will be at booth #204, which is listed in the program as the "Questionable Content/Topatoco" booth. It's right next to most of the other webcomic booths, so you can't miss me. If you make it to the show, be sure to come by and say hello!

-Sam Logan

Apr 1, 2009

Emerald City Comicon

Seattle's Emerald City Comicon is in just three short days! If you're in the area, be sure to swing by and check it out. It's a great show, with a mile-long guest list of extremely talented writers and artists, and an honest-to-goodness focus on actual comics.

I will be at booth #204, hanging out with Jeph, the Topatoco crew, and my girlfriend Shannon, who is braving her first con with me since we started dating. Please do not creep her out! Creep out my friends Ashton and Tina instead. They've been to lots of shows with me. They're used to it.

I leave on Thursday, but comic updates will continue as usual while I'm away! And trust me... you won't want to miss these ones.

Not that you ever do. Right?

-Sam Logan

PS: Right?