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Apr 7, 2003


I really needed that hour we lost this weekend.

Sam Logan

Apr 4, 2003

I will only use this power for good

I just purchased myself a new video card... a Radeon 8500 LE. This is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. The copying, pasting and bucket work I do for the comic in Paint Shop Pro no longer lags! I mean, when I drag around a selected area, it ACTUALLY drags, rather than randomly spazing all over the place. It took me about a tenth of the time that it used to format today's comic, and believe me, when you do this three times a week, every week, you really appreciate that.

Sam Logan

Apr 2, 2003

Fooled you!

Many webcomics choose April Fool's Day to play amusing pranks -- pranks such as switching around the artists of two popular strips. It's come to the point where these kinds of stunts are expected, and thus aren't surprising or "fooling" at all! The real April Fool's Day joke here at Sam and Fuzzy was that the comic ran exactly as normal. It's post-modern fooling -- a fooling for a more savvy generation.

Yeah, that's it...

Sam Logan