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Hazel, Pt. 3

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Apr 24, 2009

Edit: After reading today's comic, you may have found yourself asking... what the heck is "Venuzeula?" Answer: A hilarious convergence of unfortunate typos that have now been edited away into oblivion.

Shh! (Pt. 2)

If no one minds, I think I might take a break from the usual Q&A this week... so that I can share all the cool wordless (or mostly wordless) comics you have all been telling me about!

My friend Michael will be happy to know that so many of you suggested his webcomic, Dawn of Time. Michael's strip isn't always silent, for reasons I wouldn't want to spoil. But there are plenty of great (and hilarious) visual-driven portions -- usually featuring titular mute cave-woman, Dawn -- that are embellished only with a handful of sound effects.

The Abominable Charles Christopher, another gorgeous online strip with a mute lead, frequently pulls off the same feat with equal success. (Not that the strips with dialogue are any less entertaining.) It's a beautiful piece of work... thanks to everyone who pointed it out to me!

Here's a bunch of your other suggestions. Some of them were completely new to me, while others were old favourites of mine as well!

Gon is a long-running comedic manga about a short, large-headed dinosaur, and contains absolutely no dialogue, sound effects, or words of any kind.

• I haven't had a chance to read Mr. Amperduke yet, but apparently it's a 79-page epic about "town of lego-like people who do battle with an insect." It certainly looks pretty. I'm eager to check it out.

Dr McNinja is usually rife with snappy dialogue, but the last 14 or so pages of the current story have been very visual-driven. There's still the odd line or two here and there, so this example is really kind of cheating a bit, but I'm using it anyway because Dr. McNinja is great.

There were plenty of others... I'm stopping now largely out of fatigue. But I'll be sure to mention some of the others in the future, after I've had a chance to have a look at them all. So may new comics to read!

-Sam Logan

Apr 22, 2009


It's been fun to put together such visual-driven strips for these past couple of updates. It's not something I get to do very often here in Sam and Fuzzy, but man, there is a whole universe of comics out there that manage to tell compelling stories with with few or no words at all. Maybe some of you hardcore sequential art fans out there have a favourite example? Drop me a line and let me know!

-Sam Logan

PS: Anyone who sends in an example from Garfield minus Garfield is doing it wrong.

Apr 20, 2009


I thought I'd just made the name up off the top of my head, but apparently Maltwood is actually the name of one of the galleries at my old university. Makes you wonder what other sinister subconscious forces are influencing my work without me realizing!

Meanwhile, even after a good month or two of use, I think I still don't really quite "get" Twitter. Every time I start to type something up, I find myself struggling to decide whether or not it's actually worth posting. Unless I can spin it into some sort of joke, it usually never sees the light of day. But I guess that kind of restraint and self-editing kind of goes against the whole purpose of the thing, doesn't it?

-Sam Logan