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Employee of the Month, Pt. 9

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Dec 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, everyone!

"Employee of the Month" continues January 4th. But tune in next Monday, Wednesday and Friday for exciting and vaguely holiday-related bonus comics!

-Sam Logan

Dec 23, 2009

Holiday Programming

Even though this Friday is Christmas Day, it's regularly-scheduled programming here at Sam and Fuzzy. Tune in then for the final installment of "Employee of the Month" for 2009! (It's going to be a bit of a cliffhanger... sorry!)

Then next week, we're briefly pausing our main story and running some light, vaguely holiday-related material. Readers who have been around for the last couple of years will probably know what to expect. As is tradition here, you can expect a bunch of goofy nonsense full of the best non-sexual fanservice hands can draw.

-Sam Logan

Dec 21, 2009


The final deadline to order Sam and Fuzzy stuff in time for Christmas has now passed. Of course, if you don't care about Christmas delivery... go ahead and order whatever you like! I am not going to judge you.

Big thanks to everything who picked something up this December... or any other time this year, for that matter. It's your support of my books, shirts, art, and other swag that allows me to keep drawing all these comics!

-Sam Logan