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Inhuman, Pt. 12

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Mar 5, 2010

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Mystery (Wo)Man Edition
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"Hang on... did you just mention your comics in book form in last week's Q&A? I always thought you were never going to do a book as your comics are too long. Have you just revealed your secret future plans?" -Andrew

That's the plan! I've been writing our current saga with the express intent of translating it into a set of books. "Inhuman" is the last chapter of what will be the first book, which I hope to get published in time for San Diego Comic-con. And if you go back and read the previous stories of Volume 5, I think you'll probably see the structure of that single book peeking out from behind the various stand-alone stories.

(Please do not think this plan means that I've given up on collecting all the previous volumes on Sam and Fuzzy, though! Ideally, there will eventually be a second set of books that contain that material. But one step at a time!)

"Who did Fuzzy find Hazel talking to?" -Eleanor

Apparently no one! But, uh... the story isn't over yet!

"Has anyone guessed who the person that Hazel has been secretly talking to is yet?" -Becky

I have seen at least one correct guess in my inbox. But keep in mind, Sam and Fuzzy encourages only the finest in rampant, completely outrageous speculation from its readers. Therefore, the guesses I've seen so far have included:

- pretty much every character that has ever appeared in the comic
- a brand new character (or characters) that we've never seen before
- some sort of spirit, demon or other intangible entity
- Hazel herself (now we're talking!)
- Robert Boyle (too obvious)

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to send in their crazy theories! They're all canon in my heart. (Especially the one about mind-controlling wigs.)

"How do you get your ink drawings so clean on the computer? When I scan my ink drawings the paper comes in grey and theres usually pencil lines I tried very hard to erase everywhere. What do you do to make it just white, black and grey?" -Spencer

This is a question that keeps popping up every now and then! You can find an extensive explanation of how I get crisp black and white scans waaaaay back in one of our first Q and As. (As for the grey, I add that part afterward in Photoshop!)

That's a wrap for this week! We return on Monday with more comics. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Mar 3, 2010


From the tragic, time-consuming mistake file: here is a version of last Friday's comic that was accidentally lettered entirely with "whisper"-sized font. I didn't notice until I put in the last bubble... but man, the whole time I was lettering it, I was going crazy trying to figure out why there was so much extra space for dialogue. Whooops!

Meanwhile, just a reminder... over at Topatoco, we are clearing out some of our classic t-shirt designs to make space for new swag. If these are shirts you want in your life, act quickly! Many of the most popular sizes are already either nearly or completely sold out.

T-shirts soon to be permanently obliterated:
I'm Capitalism
I'm Communism
Skull Panda Loves Kitties
Skull Panda Head
Can't Dance
Dr. Crab

-Sam Logan

Mar 1, 2010

Emerald City Comic-con

Hard to believe, but my first con of 2010 is almost here! Seattle's Emerald City Comic-con -- one of my absolute favourite shows to attend -- is in just under two weeks.

It's a wonderfully comic-centric convention, with an absolutely outrageous slew of talented writers and artists in attendance. Heck... the Topatoco booth alone will be housing the folks behind:
Hark! A Vagrant,
Questionable Content,
Little Dee,
Amazing Super Powers,
MS Paint Adventures,
Overcompensating and
Dr. McNinja.
(And, uh, also me!)

edit: Eesh... and also Dresden Codak, which the Emerald City website forgot to mention!

Anyhow, if you can or will be in Seattle on March 13th or 14th, I heartily encourage you to come! As usual, I'll be doing sketches and peddling a wide variety of swag... including a brand new print that folks following my twitter have been watching me put together. It should be a lot of fun!

-Sam Logan