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Off the Books, Pt. 9

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Sep 3, 2010

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Birthday Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

Here's the latest round of reader questions! I answered them yesterday, back when I was still 27. Looking at them today, I can't relate to the answers at all. Was I ever really that young and naive? Amazing!

"A question regarding the book club: what about those of us that bought the book at comic con? Are we still in the club even though you don’t have our e-mail addresses?" -Jonathan

Absolutely! If you bought the new book from me at Comic-Con or Anime Evolution, drop me an email and I'll make sure you get the bonus goodies on Sept. 22nd, too. Just remind me who you are, or send a photo of the book. It wasn't that long ago, I'll remember you!

"If I get a book in a few months and exclusive stuff has already been given out, will I still get it or will I miss out?" -JayCee

You'll still get all of the future batches of bonus stuff, but yes, you would miss out on any of the ones that have already been given out.

But don't worry... there's still lots of time to get in on the first batch! If you are keen on the wallpaper pack (and a chance to win the Nicole art), just make sure you place your order by Sept. 22nd. Marketing!

"I notice that the webcomic's image files have their respective chronological eight-digit-number as names. So, what will you do after the 99999999th comic? Are only the following files going to be named differently, or will you keep the entirety of files uniform and rename the previous ones too?(Just asking because the second option would seriously mess up my bookmarks)." -Joe

Joe, at my current rate of production, I won't reach comic #99999999 until 651,017 years from now. In other words, you are absolutely right to start worrying now.

"What's happened to Fuzzy's time traveling hat? " -Jeremiah

Happened? Whatever it is, it isn't going to happen for another 24 hours.

"What's your favorite Toto song?" -Jeremiah

Man, that is a tough question. It is so hard to pick between that one and the other one.

Just kidding! Toto sucks. That's actually why Marten and I broke up.

That's a wrap for this week! Our story continues on Monday. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Sep 1, 2010

First rule of book club

After much rumination, I've finally decided how I'm going to show my thanks to all you fine folks out there who have been kind enough to pick up my book... the Sam and Fuzzy Fight Book Club!

Here's how it works:
- If you buy a book, you're in the club
- If you already bought book, you're already in the club
- If you're in the club, I email you free bonus stuff every couple of months

I've got a lot of cool stuff planned, from exclusive art to rare or never-before-seen comics. For our first round, I'm working on a bunch of desktop artwork, and because such an astonishing number of you suggested it, I'm drawing up one piece based on Nicole's feature in RAGE. (The Sam and Fuzzy universe's leading metal magazine.) I think it'll be a fun way to give all you Noosehead nuts a sneak peek at how I've redesigned her character for this volume. (Nose job and all!) Plus, one randomly-selected book owner will get the original artwork, too. Bonus!

There'll be three desktops in total... and everyone who picks up a copy of the book before September 22nd will get 'em. (After that, you are out of luck and life is basically meaningless.)

But for now, here's a preview of one of the other desktop designs. It's a scene from my favourite story in the book, and is based on the back cover illustration, which a lot of you really seem to like!

-Sam Logan

Aug 30, 2010

I had a lot of fun drawing Rikk's house. I did my best to replicate his real house as accurately as possible, but it's not easy to capture all that opulence!

We return on Wednesday with a brand new comic, plus details on the bonus goodies I've been making for all you Sam and Fuzzy book buyers out there.

-Sam Logan