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They Call Him Dr. Love, Pt. 11

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Nov 3, 2010

Webcomics Weekend

Webcomics Weekend is almost upon us! Are you coming, too? And if so, have you got your ticket yet? Until 12 PM EST today, you can buy tickets online right here. After that, they'll be available at the door, first come first serve!

Once you're there, be sure to come by and say hello! I will be right down on the main floor, at one of the many bright-red Topatoco tables. (Not up in the Topatoco offices, like I had thought before.) I'll have all our books, shirts and art... plus some sweet-looking new poster-prints based on the Nicole and Van Chase book club wallpapers. Good times!

But not all the new Sam and Fuzzy action is in New England. I'm excited to report that Game Deals -- far and away the best video game store in Greater Vancouver -- is now carrying my hedgehog and fireflower t-shirts. Why, you could go in and pick one up off the rack right now! (Assuming that "right now" is during business hours and not in the middle of the night.)

-Sam Logan

Nov 1, 2010

New England Webcomics Weekend

Oh my goodness, team! New England Webcomics Weekend is happening this... uh... weekend.

Anyone who was there last year could tell you why I'm so excited. I'm pretty sure it's the largest gathering of webcartoonists on the face of the earth, and the whole show has a wonderful casual, friendly tone that would make any other con envious.

I'll be in the Topatoco offices (with about a zillion other Topatoco artists), and every single shirt and book I've got will be available there. (As well as a new print or two!)

If you can get your butt to Easthampton this weekend, then seriously... grab yourself a ticket and come on by. You won't regret it!

-Sam Logan

Oct 29, 2010

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Family Bear Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Have you seen this?? Why don't they just come right out and call it Sam & Fuzzy?" -Binah

Actually, it is! It's an adaptation of a special series of guest strips Seth MacFarlane drew for Sam and Fuzzy. They'll be running for the next three months, starting on Monday. Here's a preview:

"Is Fuzzy actually a midget with hypertrichosis, and not a bear at all?" -Dane

Probably not! But maybe. Yes! No. Time will tell. Next question!

"How on earth does Dr. Crab keep his human charade up in such a believable fashion? Wouldn't his glorious shell exoskeleton and piquant red hue of the crustacean variety cause some people to question his origin? (Or perhaps is the assumption some wildly exotic skin condition.)" -Pitan

I'm not actually sure what colour Dr. Crab is! He was yellow on his now nearly defunct t-shirt. Are t-shirts canon?

In any case, I think people in the Sam and Fuzzy universe are generally used to a... er... "broader" variety of facial characteristics among humans. Consider the members of Noosehead, or Mr. Sin's exoskeleton, or even Sam. I imagine when you're used to regularly seeing people without ears or noses, you'll also probably be a little more accepting of a dude with a big yellow head.

"What started your rivalry with Jeph, author of Questionable Content?" -Benton

The same reason all internet feuds start... to generate more traffic!

(You can actually read all about it, as it was happening, in this comic's newspost, as well as the two that follow it.)

That's a wrap for this week. See you on Monday!

-Sam Logan