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Very Famous, Pt. 3

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Dec 10, 2010

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Famous Edition
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"How is Fuzzy able to collect merch royalties if he already sold his voice and likeness to a toy company?" -Nick

Alas, the once mighty Blamco Toy Corporation is no more! And as in most licensing deals, the rights return to the original owner if the licenser goes under. (Or gets destroyed by rampaging robot clones. There's usually a clause about that.)

But you know what they say! Even though Blamco is gone, their memory still lives on... and so do several of their ex-employees. (I mean, hypothetically. That's just part of the saying.)

"Why must you foreigners mock us Americans by insinuating that we are stupid enough to watch Fuzzy's vapid sitcom? Maybe it would be #1 in Canada land, but here Bridalplasty is #1. " -Tom

You know, every time I try to think a hilarious exaggerated parody of horrible reality TV shows, they make a real one that's twice as bad. That's why I can't even tell you about "Orphan Cannon".

"Does Fuzzy realize that with the kind of money the studio'd be paying him, he could finance NMS for years? AND have Sam in his debt! It seems like a no-brainer to me." -Noah

But so does hoarding it vengefully and blowing it all on booze! This is why life is so complicated, Noah. Sometimes we have to make hard decisions!

"You sent us book club members a preview of Nicole's new look. When do we finally get to see her in Volume 6?" -Anket

In person? It's a surprise! But not in person? Also a surprise!


"Mark Wahlberg recently gave, during an interview with MTV, more details about "Teddy Bear", Seth McFarlane's "ORIGINAL" directorial debut about a foul teddy bear coming to life and ruining him roomie's life. Nothing new really comes out of it, except one tiny detail that hit me hard, especially with the current storyline. He says, and I quote :

'The bear becomes famous, and that's my ticket to getting things and living a life of privilege.'

Really?!? It's like he's not even trying anymore...

So what's your take on that? Incredible coincidence or blatant theft?" -Kevin

OK, it's time to come clean. The truth is... I am actually Seth Macfarlane. Believe it or not, Sam and Fuzzy has actually just been one giant, hilarious non-sequiter pop culture reference... to my own future film! It was just the next logical step.

That's a wrap for this week, team! Come back on Monday for surprises!

-Sam Logan

Dec 8, 2010

Holiday Order Alert! Today is the last day for international customers to order Sam and Fuzzy swag by Priority Mail and receive it by the 25th! (Orders can still be placed using Express until the 15th, but are more expensive.)

Old School

Book Club members! I have one final bonus goodie to announce, and I think this one is pretty special! On December 17th, in addition to a mighty swath of desktops, you'll also be receiving the first of several full never-before-seen Sam and Fuzzy stories from their prehistoric, pre-webcomic era.

These early comics were my first real attempt to turn Sam and Fuzzy into a proper, ongoing series. They are also, tellingly enough, story-based comics, rather than the stand-alone gag strips that made up the early years of the webcomic. I guess I was always destined to gravitate back to that format!

The stories are, of course, pretty rough compared to my modern work. But I think the Sam and Fuzzy hardcore will find them pretty interesting, as they also feature many early (and sometimes drastically different) iterations of concepts that eventually worked their way into the webcomic... a lot more than even I had remembered! Fridge, Sam's sister, the taxi, battling the supernatural for hire, and even Fuzzy's sitcom stardom all make appearances in some form or another.

Anyhow, the first story will be included in Bonus Pack 2, which will mail out on December 17th. The remaining stories will be included in future packs.

If you would like to join the Book Club, all you have to do is pick up a copy of Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem sometime before December 15th! Everyone who buys (or has already bought!) a book sometime before that can look forward to receiving their free comics and desktops on the 17th. Bam!

-Sam Logan

Dec 6, 2010

Cards and Clubs

Whew! Today's comic was a bit of a workout to put together... especially with my regular computer temporarily out of commission! But what good is the "infinite canvas" of the internet if you don't use it to overwork yourself making overly-ambitious mega-comics? Nothing but cat photos.

Meanwhile, our Christmas cards are finally on sale! It's a bit close to the wire, but you've still got a good week or two to pick some up and assault your friends and family before the holidays hit. We have two designs to choose from, as you can see on the right!

What we will not have in time for the holidays, unfortunately, is the mugs! Hopefully, we'll be able to get our colour-changing production issues sorted out and have them on sale early next year.

And last but not least, I've put up a page showing off all the goodies that you'll find in the second Book Club Bonus Pack. If you'd like to score these goodies for yourself -- not to mention all our future bonus packs -- all you have to do is pick up a copy of Fix Your Problem by December 15th!

Here's a sneak peek at one of the two new desktops... an epic courtroom battle, attended by many a Sam and Fuzzy cast member and presided over by the honorable Judge Carlyle:

-Sam Logan