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Very Famous, Pt. 18

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Jan 21, 2011

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: New Reader Edition
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"Your new reader guide says that Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem (and presumably Are Very Famous, too) can be read without reading any of the previous Volumes". But with all this stuff from past volumes popping up, like Andrea and Mr. Sin and the robot clones, is that really still true?" -Alex

When I'm writing the current story, my attitude towards the previous volumes can probably be summed up thusly:

All of it really happened, but no one has read it.

That's not actually true, of course! Many people read those comics. But even if everyone had read them, I still think it's a good guiding principle. A new saga that can stand on it own just makes for a stronger story, regardless of whether or not it is a continuation of past tales.

To long-time readers, Sin and the robot clones are links to past stories. But to new readers, they're just two more components of the many, many unseen past adventures of N-M-S. I treat them just like the first meetings with Edwin, the disguising of Dr. Crab, or any of the other cases that never actually appeared in the comic at all.

They're all a part of N-M-S' mysterious past... much of which is still a mystery to our long-time readers, too! And like Devahi, we'll all learn more about it as the story progresses. Some of us will just be learning slightly more than others!

"Do you ever wish you didn't know where the Sam and Fuzzy story is going so you could enjoy the surprises like we do? Or does the fact that you only have the future generalized allow for enough entertainment when you make the specifics of the individual strip?" -Tavo

Sure, I've got lots of room to get creative within individual chapters and strips. As for the bigger overall story... I find the meticulous, sloth-like day-to-day toil of executing of an elaborate, multi-year plan to be very exciting! Doesn't everyone?

"I was a huge fan of your Courtroom wallpaper, and I will admit that it played a large part in my book purchase. I also know that you cannot include every character from a 8.5 year run (congrats on that by the way). However, I have recently realized that it is missing a key character from the distant past; a character who would have fit into the scene perfectly; a character that is truly representative of everything Sam and Fuzzy stands for; The Briefcase Who Wanted to be a Lawyer. What do you have to say for yourself?" -Joel

Don't worry! Old Casey was in attendance. He's just standing slightly out of frame... right next to Ox, Mr. Blank, Roger the disembodied head, Mr. Bunton, Mr. Gillespie, and Claire Wilson. (Who?)

Sidenote: The Briefcase Who Wanted to be a Lawyer is actually one of my favourite, if not the favourite, of my four panel gag strips.

Sidenote 2: Would anyone be interested in acquiring a print of the courtroom scene? (Or one of our other desktops?) Is this a thing I should make happen? I can make this happen.

-Sam Logan

Jan 19, 2011


Heaping thanks for all the kind (and at times feverently hyper) words about the recent strips. As always, it's very exciting to be plunging into the climactic chapters of a volume, and I'm glad so many of you are enjoying it!

-Sam Logan

Jan 17, 2011


Wednesday: complications.

-Sam Logan