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Jun 25, 2003

I'll never be...

I am back from Vancouver! On the way home, I ran into an old friend on the bus. Unfortunately, I didn't notice her until I was just heading out the door, so I really only got to yell hello before the bus pulled off. I think she said she would email me, and I hope she does. I wonder if she actually has my email address! I also wonder if she still has this comic on her POLI 202 clipboard.

Reel Big Fish was fantastic. Go see them! DO IT!

A sort of quasi-big announcement regarding this fine site is coming! Shiver! Shiver in anticipation! Don't worry, it isn't anything bad.

Cheers, ya'll.

Sam Logan

Jun 23, 2003

Or should I say... Catherine the SO SO?

Today's newspost comes to you LIVE from the city of Vancouver, as tonight, I am going to see Reel Big Fish and Zebrahead!

Vancouver is is a fantastic place to shop for anyone with a taste for Japanese pop culture. I've already picked up the Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future soundtracks, and while I haven't found any Pillows CDs yet, hope springs eternal! Also, check out the keen loot that my girlfriend got me when she was here on Friday!

Also, you should definately take a look at the fine webcomic Coffee Brain if you've got a moment. Try the lobster!

Sam Logan

Jun 20, 2003

You can kill the lizard!

Have you seen Robot Stories with your eyes, or other viewing appendages? Or what about Comet 7? These are some fine webcomics, which, in addition to being fine, make me feel very edgeless and mainstream. But that's all right. I was so eager to sell out that I sold out before I even had an out to sell! Or something.

Meanwhile, over at Scary go round, John "The Axe" Allison is up to something wonderfully upsetting. I think.

Sam Logan