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101 Uses for a Spare Exosuit

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Aug 10, 2011

Cos and Effect this weekend

Friends, sometimes a cartooning man comes up with a few gags that just don't really fit naturally into his storyline. So this place between chapters seemed like a good place to stick 'em! I've got another to unleash on Friday before we get back to business on Monday. (And I think you'll like it.)

Although it was omitted from today's strip, never forget Use for a Spare Exosuit #42: giving it to your favourite crustacean therapist.

Cos and Effect this weekend! Are you going to be in or near Vancouver? Then consider getting your butt over to the general vicinity of the University of British Columbia's SUB, and visiting me, Shannon, and Angela here on our home turf. I'll be bringing plenty of books, shirts, art and good vibes.

-Sam Logan

Aug 8, 2011

Cos and Effect this weekend

Vancouverites! I will be appearing at a local show this weekend. It's Cos and Effect, a new event run by folks looking to fill the gap left by the now defunct Anime Evolution convention. I always did great at AE, and I'm looking forward to seeing all (or at least most) of the same folks this year at the new show.

My pal Angela and I will be at booth in the main hall of the UBC Student Union Building. I'll have both my books, tons of art, and a massive quantity of t-shirts. So if you're going to be on campus, come by and say hello!

-Sam Logan

Aug 5, 2011

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Serious Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Why doesn't Mr. X get a robot arm? After all, Aaron has a robot hand!" -Claire

I think Mr X doesn't have a mechanical arm because he doesn't want to admit that removing his own arm might have been a bad idea.

(It's also probably not in N-M-S's budget.)

"In Meet and Greet, pt 19, it occurred to me as slightly ironic that when spread-eagle, Mr. Y makes an X and Mr. X makes a Y.... if he stands on one leg. Or maybe upside-down. You know what I mean. Was this intentional, has this occurred to you as well after the fact, or did I just blow your mind?" -Kobayashi

My mind... is blown.

"So, when will we get back to the super-important 'Buddy is sick' storyline? When will we find out that Buddy is actually 17th century chemist Robert Boyle, the mastermind behind everything? WHEN?" -Laura

Oh, I can't say exactly when we'll pick up on that intensely rich narrative thread. But of course, when we do, the story will have massive, game-changing consequences on a scale never before seen in Sam and Fuzzy, or webcomics at all! (Obviously.)

"What music have you been listening to? That XOC Kirby album you recommended a bit back was so awesome, it leads me to assume you are a nonstop listener to truly top notch stuff." -Daniel

The two albums that have been getting the most airtime in my office lately are definitely Battles' Gloss Drop and Sloan's Double Cross (which I believe you can actually stream in it's entirety at that link.) They're about as far apart as you can get in rock music -- Battles is a sort of experimental math rock group, while Sloan is a very traditional singer/songwriter-driven classic rock four-piece -- but to butcher a Wolverine quote, both acts are some of the best at what they do. (And what they do is pretty stellar.)

"In comic 1444, we see that Sam has hair on his arms. This got me thinking, since I can't remember ever seeing his hairy limbs: is this the first time we see Sam wearing a short-sleeved shirt?" -William

Finally, we get to the important questions!

Sam used to wear short sleeves constantly in the early years of Sam and Fuzzy. But back then, most of my characters still sported those sort of "rubber hose" style arms like you'd see on Mickey Mouse or Felix the Cat. (He did have hairy legs, though.)

As my art style evolved over the years, the way I drew human bodies got a little more detailed and a little less 1930s. So when Sam went "missing" for awhile during the Noosehead storyline, I took the opportunity to redesign him up to more "realistic" (well, relatively speaking) human proportions. He hasn't worn short sleeves much since then, though, so this may indeed be the first time anyone has witnessed his arm hair. What can I say? I'm breaking new ground all the time 'round here. HANG ON TIGHT.

We return on Monday with more comics. See you then!

-Sam Logan