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Jul 9, 2003

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Do you remember Future Fuzzy? Of course you do!

Say... if you are one of the six people in the world other than myself who still likes ska music, check out the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra! Sometimes it is startling to think of how much good music you never hear because it never leaves its regional bubble. Curse you, unexperimental record labels! Thank you, internet! Unrelated assertations, dairy farmers!

Dayfree Press comic of the moment: Butternut Squash. All I can say is... wow. This strip has that all too rare combination of witty writing and fantastic art, and I love it to pieces.

Wait... I said something other then "wow," even though I said that was all I could say. THIS WEBSITE IS A BROTHEL OF LIES.

Sam Logan

Jul 7, 2003

We can rebuild him

After far too much delay, the brand new site interface has finally gone live! I hope you all like it as much as I do. As usual, uber thanks to local superhuman Ashton, who coded the sexy beast.

The change isn't entirely cosmetic. I've added a Frequently Asked Questions section. Also, the cast section has morphed into the Reader's guide, and is now the best way for new readers to get up to speed (short of actually reading the entire archive.) I suggest "old" readers check it out too, though, since it also contains a keen diagram of Sam and Fuzzy's apartment.

And speaking of changes, as you probably garnered from the banner above, I have banded together with several other webcomic artists to form Dayfree Press. The group is the brainchild of Robot Stories' Neil G, and has a hell of a line-up, including Ctrl Alt Delete and Ornery Boy to name just a few. It is an extremely solid group of cartoonists and I'm happy to be a part of it.

Sam Logan

Jul 4, 2003

Choj├┤ nantenai n da, yes, happy bivouac

Critics say that most modern mainstream films are devoid of value, of meaning. But I disagree. There is so much that the cinema can teach us. And I'm no hoity toity film critic. I'm not talking about some ambiguous metaphor about the irony of being or whatever. I'm talking about real life lessons that have practical, day to day applications.

For example, if you're a cop who lacks ambition and drive, make sure you don't have a partner, or some guy is gonna come along and shoot him so you can get all motivated.

Sam Logan