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Dec 12, 2011

Important notes of... uh... note!

Holiday Ordering Deadlines!
Today is our last day of guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery for orders placed using USPS Domestic Priority and USPS Standard! And more urgently, noon tomorrow is the last day using USPS International Express which is the last international shipping method we've got. So if you live outside the US and you want some Sam and Fuzzy swag for the holidays, your last chance is imminent.

Twitter sketch-off this Wednesday
Remember on Halloween when I spent the day drawing sketches of Sam and Fuzzy cast members in halloween costumes based on the suggestions of readers on Twitter? It was a total blast, and I promised I'd do something similar again. So... I'm doing something similar again!

This time around, the theme is Sam and Fuzzy characters cast as videogame icons, famous and obscure. I'll be doing one batch of drawings around 1pm PST, and another batch in the evening around 8pm PST. If you want to suggest a character casting, just get on twitter on Wednesday and tweet it to me! I'll draw as many of them as I can. And like last time, I'll be selling off the finished drawings for the low, low price of twenty human dollars. (The original requester has first dibs, and if they don't want it it's first come first serve.)

And of course, Wednesday will also bring a brand new comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Dec 9, 2011

OK, for real this time! Place your order for Sam and Fuzzy swag today before Noon EST if you are using USPS Domestic First Class or USPS Global Priority and want it to arrive before Christmas. After today, pre-Christmas delivery will still be available, but only using speedier and more expensive shipping options.

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Brain Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"I was looking in your old artwork, and saw these two concept pics. I recognized one of the cats instantly as Brain, which shocked me because this was Nov. 2003, before even the Ninja Mafia was introduced. At first I thought the girl was just an old idea and looked a lot like Alexa, but she also had some features similar to current characters like Gertrude or even Rebecca. This pic is the exact same pose, just flipped! So was Gertrude what that original character evolved into?" -Dan

It's true... sometimes the characters and concepts that sneak into the comic are based on very old ideas! But don't read too much into it... even I don't plan that far ahead!

Brain's design absolutely stems from that old drawing, 100%. Ever since I made it, that design has just been sitting there in the back of my brain, occasionally sneaking out in random sketches, waiting for the right opportunity to finally get used somewhere. And now it has!

But as for the lady in the pictures... no one ever really evolved from her directly. Not intentionally, at least! There certainly are a lot of elements from those drawings (and others) that did sneak into the other characters you mentioned, but that's probably more a sign of my general design tastes than anything else. The suits and the chunky black hair and the dark Noosehead-esque facial features are all just things that I liked to draw back then. (And clearly, I still do!)

Man, this also makes me realize I haven't posted any new art in that gallery section since 2004. Talk about neglect!

"So all of Malcolm's comments have actually been right, or at least alluded to major plot points. Even the space gophers. In Malcolm's last extended appearance, he told us about how the Government of Lizardmen had secretly killed off all true cats in 1947. What does this mean for Alphonso, and his lover? Is Chompy one of these aforementioned Lizardmen? Are they simply using the replacement cats as Lizard-fetus incubators to propagate their species? Can your plot literally get any MORE complicated?" -David

I have just one question for you, David. Who are Alphonso and his lover? Because there are no cats in Sam and Fuzzy. I think you are the only person seeing these cat "characters". It's probably a sign you are severely disturbed. Especially if these cats start telling you to burn things.

"OK, so I know this doesn't have anything to do with Sam and Fuzzy, but do you have any idea what's happened to Brian Carroll of Instant Classic? I have enjoyed his comic 'Brothers Donothan', but he seems to be missing for months at a time. What gives?" -Schparky

It sort of has to do with Sam and Fuzzy! After all, IC character Litchfield does exist in the Sam and Fuzzy-verse. (In what is possibly the only crossover character appearance I've ever done!)

But while comics are my greatest muse, Brian is a guy who is interested in working on all kinds of different projects. So for as long as I've known him, his comic production has always been a thing of fits and spurts. Sometimes he will do a bazillion comics at once, and other times he will go for months without drawing any at all. It is just the Brian Carroll way. Following him on twitter is probably the best way to keep appraised of his activities, comic-making or otherwise!

That's a wrap for this week, team. See you on Monday!

-Sam Logan

Dec 7, 2011

Holiday Webcomics shopping bonanza

Our next holiday ordering deadline approaches! If you'd like to nab some Sam and Fuzzy swag using USPS Domestic First Class or USPS Global Priority and want it to arrive before Christmas, you have until this Friday at Noon EST to place your order!

Between me and my fellow webcomics comrades, I'd like to think we have all gift-giving needs covered. Some of them I talk about all the time... like Questionable Content, Dr. McNinja, Dinosaur Comics and Wondermark. (And honestly, I can probably never talk about them enough!)

But there's lots of other talented folks out there with neat stuff. Here's a few other pals of mine (all of whom are currently in the midst of one giant mutual co-plugging of love) with online stores that I think are worth checking out:

Eric Millikin
Evil Inc.
Girls With Slingshots
Not Invented Here
Schlock Mercenary

As for me, if you are buying Sam and Fuzzy stuff for the purpose of gift-giving, I'd particularly recommend our Mash-up Magnets (which I'm terribly proud of) and our Book Collections (which come with free membership into our free-bonus-laden Book Club), although obviously there are plenty of options!

Thank you for tolerating this giant mass of swag plugging. I do try not to go overboard, but it's our busiest time of year... and it's the selling of this stuff that allows all of us to keep cranking out all these free comics! (A fact for which I, as always, remain incredibly thankful and indebted to you all.)

We return on Friday, with a new comic and a new round of Q and A! See you then.

-Sam Logan