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Ill Repute, Pt. 14

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Mar 23, 2012

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Theophilus Edition
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"I know you already had a question about the "Steam" design, but I'm a huge steampunk nerd! If not a t-shirt, can we get a wallpaper at least? (Theophilus is my new favorite character, forever)" -Charles

The steam shirt design is done and is presumably being printed RIGHT NOW! I can't wait for you guys to see it. I think it turned out really well.

I'm not sure if you'll see any more Theo in Sam and Fuzzy itself, since he's actually a character from an unrelated project Shannon and I are working on -- I just snuck him into the "Animal Kingdom" chapter as a fun cameo. But, you will presumably get to see him more when said aforementioned unrelated project is actually ready for consumption! (It's still in the early stages, though, so alas, patience is a virtue.)

"Can I put some of your images of Mr. Blank and Mr. Black on a pair of pants I made? its only for personal use and will not be sold anywhere. All credit will go to you for the designs as well." -Alysha

Sure! I endorse all forms of Sam and Fuzzy fan projects, provided they aren't being sold. (These crochet fig pigs and sad pirate dinosaur are personal favourites!) Just send me pictures when they're done... I like to see them! (And share them with other readers.)

"I give up, I can't figure out what is going through Sam's head in the last panel of this comic. In the previous two panels it looks like he doesn't believe Dev's suggestion but then when he overhears her whispering to Mystery Person (Conscience Cat, whom he's never met and thus wouldn't recognize) he suddenly starts believing her? Why is that?" -Jake

Sam isn't actually overhearing Devahi at all! The idea was that he was just putting on a brave face for Dev in the previous two panels... then the moment she is no longer looking, we see he is in fact extremely worried by what she had said. I can totally see how it could be interpreted your way, though. Did anyone else have the same reaction?

Anyhow, that's a wrap for this week! See you on Monday, team.

-Sam Logan

Mar 21, 2012


Things are a little hectic today, as we transition from one stop to another on our Ontario trip. But here, have a comic! I made it just for you.

-Sam Logan

Mar 19, 2012

Mr. executive

Always nice to see Earl again!

Sometimes people ask me if I miss writing or drawing any particular older characters that no longer appear in the strip. The truth is, I miss a lot of them. Honestly, sometimes it's tempting to just cram them all back in! But I think we can all imagine the giant mess that would come out of THAT impulse.

So alas, I guess I have to be vaguely responsible and let the needs of the story decide which characters should stick around and which should take a leave of absense. And as a creator, you have to let some familiar faces go from time to time so that you can work with new characters and new ideas!

But in a universe where I had infinite time to make infinite stories -- where I could keep doing new stuff and revist all my old favourites? We'd almost certainly see more of Earl. And Gertrude. And Sidney. And Andrea. And Mr. Stabbs.

(OK, maybe not Mr. Stabbs.)

-Sam Logan