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Guest: Alina Pete

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Jul 19, 2012

Today's strip by Weregeek's Alina Pete

Today's special Rexford appearance was brought to you by my pal Alina from Weregeek! Last year, Shannon and I went to the Tyrrell Museum with Alina and her husband Layne after Calgary Expo. It was super entertaining to hear the two of them gleefully talk back and forth about dinosaur biology.

Somehow, I managed to horribly burn my feet during the one hour of San Diego Comic-Con that I dared expose them to sunlight. Without so much as tanning my legs! I guess I have wussy feet. Anyhow, long story short, I've been ordered to take three Benadryls and go elevate my foot until I pass out. So GOOD NIGHT, everyone! See you tomorrow for another great guest strip.

-Sam Logan

Jul 18, 2012

Today's strip by Dinosaur Comics' Ryan North and Filibuster's J.J. McCullough

How many webcomics alums did it take to make today's guest strip? Two! Dinosaur Comics's writer-extraordinaire Ryan North and illustrated by Filibuster Cartoons' uber-talented J.J. McCullough have never worked together before this comic, but they sure seemed to know how to play to each others' strengths. Thanks guys!

Remember, we're running a new guest strip every weekday this week! (In other words, come back tomorrow and prepare to be greeted by a brand new comic.)

-Sam Logan

Jul 17, 2012

Today's strip by Dawn of Time's Michael Stearns

Today's guest strip is brought to you by Michael Stearns! You may know Michael from his now completed (and extremely entertaining) webcomic, Dawn of Time. But eventually, you will be able to know him for his upcoming 2D platformer, Tiny Barbarian DX, which features a whole heck of a lot of lovingly crafted pixel art. (As you can see in today's strip, he's pretty friggin' good at it.)

Come back tomorrow for our next guest strip!

-Sam Logan