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Fangs for Nothing, Pt. 31

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Jan 23, 2013

First con of the year

Victoria friends! I will be visiting my old hometown in a bit over a week for this year's Gottacon. Me and my pal Alina will be at the show all three days, hanging out in a booth on the floor peddling comic stuff and drawing dumb things. Be aware: Gottacon is a 24/7 convention, and it's long hours last year were indirectly responsible for insanity-induced creation of ponises.

By the way: over in the online Sam and Fuzzy swag store, we're clearing out a couple of our older shirt designs. Insatiable Reader shirts are now only $12, as are X vs. Y (although we only have a couple of sizes left of that one). If you want to nab one of either design, now is most likely your last chance... so be aware and act appropriately! HARD SELL COMPLETE

-Sam Logan

Jan 21, 2013

Back in the moose saddle

I have returned to my Vancouver homeland! And though it always feels nice to come home after a trip, I am definitely going to be missing all my comics cohorts down in Portland... especially all the other incredible folks at Periscope Studio. Thanks for putting up with me for two weeks, guys! I wish you had to keep doing it forever.

But now I'm in my usual office, with a few new commissions and a bunch of other projects I'm eager to get working on. Here's to (hopefully) being as productive back in my regular office as I was down in Portland!

-Sam Logan

Jan 18, 2013

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Surprisingly Short Answers Edition
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"I feel like I'm missing a super big reference here. So just to clarify, is "Please, call me... SEX POTTS!" a reference, or just something maniacal that popped itself out of your mind-womb?" -Allison

"Sexpot" is 50s slang for a sexy lady! Think "bombshell". If there's one person on earth who has been called a "sexpot" more times than any other, it's probably Marilyn Monroe.

"Is it really supposed to be vamp vamp? Not tramp vamp or vamp tramp?" -Noah

Intentional! That's vamp (as in vampire) and vamp (as in a femme fatale). It's a little goofy because femme fatales are called "vamps" specifically because of their metaphorical similarity to vampires, but a little goofy is how I roll.

And apparently, archaic terminology for sexy people is also how I roll!

"Is strip 486 the first appearance of Mr. Tusks?" -Jimmy

Jimmy. Are you trying to tell me all elephants look the same to you? That's speciesist, man!

That's a wrap for this week! I will return on Monday, back at home in Vancouver with another new comic for you to read.

-Sam Logan