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Identity Crisis, Pt. 27

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Apr 12, 2013

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Ending Edition
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"Wow! It looks like Devahi is getting what she wanted. But is Sam finally realizing what a great person she is, or is this just a rebound fling? Also, what will Conscience Cat say about this?" -Emilie

It turns out I answered your last question right in today's comic! How is that for convenient? I don't think "TAKE THE HANDSHAKE" will be appearing on any future t-shirts, though.

Sam and Dev's personal relationship is complicated as much by their respective personalities as it is by the bizarre circumstances they have now found themselves in. For now, I will leave it up to you guys to decide exactly why each of them is doing what they are doing. I think there's a lot of food for thought in there.

"Did you see someone put your Watson/Watsoff drawing in a new tumblr post without a credit? It got reblogged a lot more than your original post did. :( " -Aaron

I did, yeah! (Although I won't link to the person who did it because, y'know, that really just makes it worse!) Unfortunately it kind of comes with the tumblr territory.

As always, I think the best thing to do is focus on encouraging as many people out there as possible to be good artist-friendly Samaritans... to credit when they share a piece of art, and if you see an uncredited piece somewhere and know the source, try to let folks know. In this case, several of you tried to do just that, and I appreciate it!

In other news, I was toying around with translating that Sherlock joke into a shirt. Thoughts, team?

"Whenever you draw a sword, the handle always seems way too short. Not when someone's holding it, but when it's sheathed. Do you ever think your sword handles are too short?" -Anthony

The blades (and context) of the swords in my comic imply that they are katanas, but I can't resist drawing stumpy little pirate-sword style handles and crossguards on them. I think it's my inner cartoonist lashing out. (He's already grumpy because I've stopped drawing rabbit ears on TVs.)

"Will this question get published?" -William

No. Wait, crap!

-Sam Logan

Apr 10, 2013

Submitted without comment

By the way, I have been putting some new original art up in my Etsy store... including a bunch of recent Skull Panda strips, and my penny-gaming philosophy. Thanks to the folks who bought all the other stuff I had up in there... I appreciate your support, and willingness to clutter your walls with my scribbles!

We return on Friday with a new comic and a new round of Q and A. (As always, you can send whatever burning questions you may have to this address... just put "Q and A" in the subject line.) See you then!

-Sam Logan

Apr 8, 2013

Comics college

Thanks for a fun time at Camosun College, everyone responsible! The event was a really interesting hybrid between a comics festival and an academic presentation for the folks in the comics program; a kind of combination event that more comic-teaching schools should consider attempting. I have to admit, though... it's really weird to have gotten to a stage of my career where I am being brought in to serve as an example to young cartoonists. What a simultaneously flattering and terrifying thought! (Especially when you have the traditional artist inferiority complex.)

Anyhoo, that's a wrap for today. Come back on Wednesday for the next part of our story! (OR ELSE.)

-Sam Logan