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Apr 24, 2013

Calgary Expo

I wanted to break for a couple of goofy stand-alone gag breathers before we jump into our next story. And so: SHIPWREX. (This comic, of course, builds on Fuzzy's greatest work of art.)

Tomorrow, Shannon and I set off for our annual trek through the Canadian rockies to the Calgary Comic Expo! Calgary is my favourite show of the year, not just because of the great show itself, but also because of the beautiful drive. (And the optional side trip to Drumheller to look at dinosaur bones!)

As usual, I will be splitting a booth with Alina from Weregeek -- booth 1122, to be precise! Here's a map, should you require it:

-Sam Logan

Apr 22, 2013

Go con go

Thanks for the swell time, Fan Expo Vancouver attendees! I understand some of you had to wait in some pretty epic lines to get into the show, but it doesn't appear to have hurt your friendly demeanor any.

Of course, no sooner is Fan Expo over than it's time to start prepping for Calgary Expo. There's no rest for the wicked! (I am assuming cartooning is a form of wicked behaviour.) I've also got some serious colouring to do today, since a bunch of folks have exercised the "marker colour" option when scooping up the remaining "Surprise Plot Twist Sketch Off" pieces. Time to get Copic-ing!

Most of the originals are gone now, but for those interested, I still have a handful left. You can see what I've still got and what has already sold by clicking the image below, and can nab one by dropping me an email.

-Sam Logan

Apr 19, 2013

Fan Expo Vancouver

Alert, Vancouverites! Fan Expo Vancouver is this weekend. You can find both me and my pal Alina from Weregeek at Booth 309, where we will be drawing commissions and peddling a wide variety of books, shirts and other comic swag. Hope to see you there!

Thanks to everyone for all your great plot twist suggestions for Wednesday's Twitter Sketch-Off! In the end, I was able to draw 30 of your ideas before I passed out. You can see all 30 by clicking the image below! As always, I'm selling the original pieces for $25 each (or $50 for marker-coloured). Half of them are already gone, but if you'd like to get any of the remaining ones, just drop me a line and I will set you up!

-Sam Logan