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Status Update, Pt. 7

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Aug 9, 2013


Thank you, everyone, for making the Omnibus kickstarter such an astonishing success. Things got pretty crazy toward the end there! (Apologies to everyone trying (and failing) to watch the countdown livestream... until Wednesday, I had no idea that the site capped the maximum number of watchers.)

At long last, the entire run of Sam and Fuzzy will be available in print -- yes, with a classy slipcase for the hardcovers -- and you made it happen. Now I've got a ton of work ahead of me, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. I can't wait to get these books in your hands!

I've got a pretty packed couple of weeks ahead of me, getting the Omnibus ready for the printers and also appearing at a pair of conventions... Gen Con and Fan Expo Toronto! Which is exactly why I set these that very time aside for our traditional O-GAWD!(AKA: The Obligatory Guest Artist Webcomic Duration.) For the next two weeks, Sam and Fuzzy will be updated every weekday with a brand new strip from a special guest comics creator. After that, I will return in full force with our next big, crazy chapter. Woo!

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Mini Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Have you explained why Sin never wears shoes? I seem to have forgotten about it until today's strip. Maybe the rest of the committee would take him more seriously if he at least wore them to meetings? I'm just saying! " -Michael

Sin's shoelessness is something I threw in early to make the character appear a little... off. Sin's dress is meant to evoke the barest semblance of a businessman's outfit, much in the way that Sin himself is meant to evoke the barest semblance of a human. It shows that he just doesn't quite get how either of these things is supposed to look. (And of course, because his feet aren't real feet, he doesn't need to wear shoes.)

"Question for next Q&A: Is Chompy truly the scion of the illustrious Alphonso, or had Butcher been having illicit rendezvous with a certain dinosaur from the Underground? Will we see any more of Chompy in the future? " -Tom

Chompy is really, honestly, truthfully just a hideous cat. He only still looks like a dinosaur because Rikk insists on shaving him regularly. (Weirdo.) They still live together, so Chompy is mostly likely to turn up if someone needs to visit Rikk. But there aren't any specific Chompy-centric storylines or plot twists coming up. (At least not that I'm willing to admit to.)

"In this comic, you drew Mr X with both arms in the last two panels. I was wondering if you just forgot about his missing arm or if he just got a new robotic arm, like Aaron's hand?" -Rowan

Rats! That's an inking error. The extra arm was just meant to be the side of his body and arm nub (like in the previous panel)... but the misplaced internal highlight of his leg turned it into an arm. Whoops!

It's already been printed in a book, so it's too late to fix! We'll have to retcon this mistake into more carelessness from Jess Star, who was impersonating X at this time.

OK! Back to work. Come back on Monday for the first of our guest strips!

-Sam Logan

Aug 7, 2013


Well, here we are... the last day of the kickstarter!

If you're able, you should come to the Sam and Fuzzy kickstarter countdown livestream, starting at 9am pacific! (That is, exactly four hours before the kickstarter ends.) I'll be streaming for the last four hours of the kickstarter, drawing and chatting with folks while we all obsessively watch the total. It'll be fun! (I think!)

Thanks to backer support, the Commentary and Concept Art stretch goal was hit! So the question is... with half a day to go, will we be able to secure the free slipcases as well? It's not much time, but they're not that far! I am crossing my fingers.

To help, I've introduced two extra high-end art commissions:

The HOPELESS ROMANTIC will nab the original comic art for a special five page Valentine's Day story I'll be running on the Sam and Fuzzy site in 2014. It's about two characters going on a date... and you get to pick the characters. ANY two. (The Sam and Fuzzy forum really wants you to pick Morris and Cooper, but it's your choice.) And if you'd like, you can have an in-comic cameo in the comic as their waiter.

The DELUXE COMMISSIONER will nab a big, custom-drawn, digitally coloured parody commission, like my Sam and Fuzzy Firefly and Team Fortress 2 parodies. The buyer will, of course, pick the characters and parody!

These are big commissions, but I think they're pretty special! And they'd be a big help in the quest to secure those stretch goals.

But ultimately, every kind of support counts, and puts us ever closer to the last remaining streatch goals! So if you were waffling about picking up an Omnibus, may I heartily recommend picking one up? They're filled with extra bonuses, come with a bunch of free additional stuff... and with enough support, may come with hardcover slipcases as well!

-Sam Logan

Aug 5, 2013

The Final Countdown

This is it... the last three days of the Sam and Fuzzy kickstarter!

A few folks have asked if the Omnibus will be available to buy after the kickstarter. The answer is: yes, sometime later in 2014. However, if you are at all interested in picking one up, I really encourage you to nab one now via the kickstarter, if you can, rather than waiting. Here is why!

-You will get a bunch of extra stuff, thanks to all the stretch goals backers have helped hit! Desktop wallpapers, bonus ebooks, extra buttons and postcards (if you get the gilded pack)... there's a lot of extra goodies to be had, many of them kickstarter exclusive.

-You will get a better deal! When the Omnibus goes up for sale as a regular item in 2014, it will have to be a bit more expensive than it is via the kickstarter. I wanted to give our backers as low a price as possible as a way of thanking them for helping me make my dream project happen.

-You will help potentially make the Omnibuses even better! Buying now helps contribute to our stretch goals, which could add even more comics and content to the books. (And if we're lucky, maybe even a tremendously sexy free slipcase for the hardcover sets!)

Anyway, that is my pitch! Thank you for tolerating it. I know I have been talking about this kickstarter almost nonstop for a month, but it has kind of dominated my life for that entire time.

Will we raise enough to add the commentary/concept art sections and/or make those slipcases? I am crossing my fingers! But man... I can't over-emphasize how incredibly flattered and humbled I am that we've done well enough to even try for these kind of huge additions. Wow! Thank you so much, everyone, for your crazy support. Let's kick butt these last couple of days and then make some friggin' books!

-Sam Logan