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Four-Finger Discount, Pt. 2

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Aug 28, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Ah... it is good to be home! After a solid two weeks working nonstop at different conventions, I can finally return to... working nonstop at home. Score! (Good thing I love this job.)

By the way... did you know I have two new shirts on sale? I think, in the chaos of conventions and kickstarters, I didn't do the best job of promoting the release of these guys... which is a shame, because I think the designs turned out really well! The Oldest Profession (featuring infamous piracy pioneer ShipWrex) and Pokehog were scooped up by a lot of folks on my summer con circuit, but they are now available for everyone to nab online in my Topatoco store alongside all my other swag. (And as always, buying any three shirts will get you five dollars off. Woo!)

Aug 26, 2013

Con'd out

Whew! Today I finally head back to Vancouver, after an half-month convention trek. I had a great time at Gen Con and Fan Expo, but boy, it will be good to be home.

While I'm busy experiencing our nation's finest airports, enjoy today's comic, which kicks off a new chapter. Go, team!

-Sam Logan

Aug 23, 2013

Today's strip by Shannon Campbell and Kel Macdonald

The final strip of O-GAWD 9 comes from the pinch-hitting team of Shannon Campbell and Kel Macdonald! Kel (who is best known as the creator of Sorcery 101) and Shan were doing a convention together back in my hometown while I was off on my cross-country Gen Con/Fan Expo trek, and kindly stepped in when one of our other contributors had to cancel. Thank you, guys! You saved my butt.

And thank you to all our great guest artists, for filling my shoes for the last two weeks while I was immersed in convention madness. I will be getting into the saddle on Monday, when we launch our next chapter.

But until then... it's Fan Expo Toronto time! If you are going to be at the show, you can find me at booth 541. Let me tell you... I have already drawn some pretty weird stuff for people, and the show has only just started!

-Sam Logan