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Tiff, Pt. 9

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Sep 26, 2003


Aye jay you es tee dee oh en tee ehch eh vee ee eh en why tee ehch aye en gee tee oh ess eh why tee oh dee eh why period!

Sam Logan

Sep 24, 2003

All u can eat

Ben Folds' new EP, Sunny 16, is now available for order. When his last EP was released, I did a straight drawing-for-CD exchange with a reader. But this time, my impatience has gotten the best of me -- I've already ordered it. However, if anyone would still like to subsidize my poor purchasing decisions, now is as good a time as any to buy some art.

T-shirts go on sale next week! I promise!

Sam Logan

Sep 22, 2003

He was a quiet American

I don't normally use my rants to recommend novels. This is mainly because I am highly doubtful that anyone would actually go to the trouble to go and read a whole book based entirely on my small recommendation. But guess what! The Quiet American, a novel of which I am rather fond, has been made into a fine film with Michael Caine and Brendon Fraser. I am confident that at least some of you might take my advice and give it a watch, because the only effort required of you is sitting on your ass and keeping your eyes open for an hour and a half. And if you do enjoy the film, read the book! It's swell.

Sam Logan