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Tiff, Pt. 13

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Oct 6, 2003


OK, official business first. Because the Babydoll T-Shirts are such a specialty (read: very few people buy them) item, I have decided not to have any extra printed to keep as backstock for future orders. So, if you would like a babydoll shirt, please order one by Wednesday of this week. I won't be offering them again until the next time I have a batch of shirts printed!

I assume most of you have already seen the little Player Vs. Player / Penny Arcade attacking-each-other's-comics thing. To be honest, as a reader of both strips I found the whole fiasco kind of perversely amusing. But what was really amusing was Dave Kelly's insulting parody of their insulting parodies! I guess it's really hard for webcomic artists to critique one another without resorting to hyjacking their own strips. It's certainly not something I would do. But to each his own, right?

Well, er... apparently not.

Sam Logan

Oct 3, 2003

Learn to live with what you are

Holy smokes! T-shirt sales have been above and beyond what I expected... so much so that I have bumped up the day they are being printed to the 13th of October. So, everyone who has ordered a shirt already will be getting them a little earlier! By popular demand, I have also added a Bella Babydoll T version of the shirt, for all you ladies and confused men. Both shirts are available for order in the shop... check it out!

I read a CD review in the Globe and Mail (it's a Canadian national newspaper) this morning that referred to Nickleback's How You Remind Me as "definately being metal." Man, do I ever want some of what those guys are smoking!

As a final word... Easy from Thugserver wins a prize for being the first person to buy a shirt. It's a special prize, because he is a pretty special person.

Sam Logan

Oct 1, 2003

She likes his style she likes his rock star glamour

Just as I promised, T-shirts are on sale today! To help pay for the initial print run, I am going to be taking preorders for the next two weeks. The t-shirts themselves will be printed on the 16th of October, and mailed out shortly thereafter. The shirts are made by Brunetto T-shirts, the same people responsible for the t-shirts of many other fine webcomics! I'm very excited about this whole project.

I have heard the new Ben Folds EP, and it is awesome! I swear, the man is some kind of song-writing genius. I can't wait for my copy to arrive in the mail.

Finally, this is just about the greatest thing I have ever seen.

Sam Logan