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Off the Sauce, Pt. 6

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Mar 21, 2014

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Patron Edition
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"I just have to know... how long have you been planning this comic? I had to go back nearly a year to find a clear shot of that wall to see that, in fact, that space has always been empty." -Jeroen

Um... let's just say that, in every shot of Sam's Mafia HQ office, that display case has exactly what it should or should not have had in it at that time. People who go digging might be able to figure out roughly how long that heirloom has been missing and maybe even form some theories about what it was. But you can just keep reading and find out that way!

"I was doing some archive binging and noticed that in this comic, the psychological analysis report of how Keller will respond to the threat of hijacking is signed by Hazel Kim. This makes me wonder... was the analysis done by Brain? It really looks like Brain might be the... brains of this outfit. ...I'm sorry! That joke hurt my head too but it had to be done." -Jake

Yes! This is the information Sam was seen buying from Hazel in an earlier comic. Sam needed to know what alternate routes Keller would use and how he'd react to the threat of a hijacking, and Brain was able to get this information... uh... direct from the source.

"How does Sin have a [committee member] code - was he around many years ago at the founding of the committee, or did he inherit one as well? From who?" -Keith

There are a set number of seats on the committee -- 31 -- and a set number of access codes to go with them. They're all assigned to specific companies, organizations or individuals, and are passed on by a tradition appropriately specific to that. (For example, the Catopian seat is held by a monarch, the Vampire seat is held by a representative selected by the Vampiric council, the Graves seat is held by the current primary stakeholder in a private business empire.)

The committee is hundreds of years old -- and while Sin could be too, for all you know, he definitely wasn't a committee member until sometime in the last decade or two. Mr. Sin inherited his seat and code from a previous member. Who and how may be a fun story for later!

We return on Monday! And not just with a new comic. I'm pretty sure we'll also be launching the brand new Sam and Fuzzy website, too. Woohoo!

-Sam Logan

Mar 19, 2014

Shirt o'clock

Sounds like a fresh shipment of Sam and Fuzzy shirts have arrived over at Topatoco! So if there's anything you've been trying to get and couldn't, be aware: the store is now fully stocked with all my t-shirt designs and sizes, dudes and ladies, from relative newbies like Biting is the Only Way I Can Love and Unconsciousness is Just Sleeping with Conviction all the way back to old Hungry Blue Hedgehog and Conscience Cat. Truly, it is a golden age of putting things on your body.

Only one week 'til Emerald City Comic-con! Hope to see lots of you there.

-Sam Logan

Mar 17, 2014

Tower of Comics

Sam is, of course, referring to Hazel's break-in during the Four-Finger Discount chapter. (And more specifically, her disabling of the surveillance system.

Our Tower of Babel story has finished! If you haven't already, you can now read the whole thing, from the first page to the end in one sitting. A few people have said they feel like the story ends on a cliffhanger, but we designed it more like it ends on a premise -- Minnesota taking on a personal mission that could be explored in future comics or games or what have you. I hope that happens some day, but for now, I'm pretty fond of what we did. (And I hope you were, too!)

-Sam Logan