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Off the Sauce, Pt. 49

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Jun 30, 2014

Well fested

Thanks to everyone who came by to visit me at Northwest Fanfest! It was lovely to see all your (frequently cosplay obscured) faces.

A bunch of you have asked if I would make the Jokemon postcards available to buy online. And so, it shall be done! But, I only just finished unpacking from the con and I'm pretty exhausted, so, uh... not today. But soon! Honest.

-Sam Logan

Jun 27, 2014

Northwest FanFest starts today!

If you're going to be up at the University of British Columbia tomorrow, come to Northwest FanFest and swing by my booth -- #27s in the Student Union building -- to say hello! I have a wide array of books and shirts, as well as a small quantity of both versions of the Omnibus. And of course, I also have the new Jokemon postcards, and will be doing commissions as well!


-Sam Logan

Jun 25, 2014

Get back to where you once belonged

Aw dang, guys. Did you know that KC Green and Anthony Clark have a brand new webcomic? It's called Back, and it looks awesome. Go check it out! 5 pages are up already, and two new ones arrive each week.

Coming up this Friday: a new comic, and Northwest FanFest! See you then.

-Sam Logan