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Aid and Abet, Pt. 5

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Sep 17, 2014


We have arrived in Portland! But rest assured, despite being here a couple of days early for Rose City, I'm still hard at work. For example, I just approved the proofs of whatever the heck this thing is.

Apologies for some of the occassionally sluggish performance of the site over the past few days. We've been experiencing some hiccups with the server, but rest assured we're working on it!

-Sam Logan

Sep 15, 2014

Rose City Comic-Con

Portlanders! We will be visiting your fair city this weekend for Rose City Comic-Con. This time around, you'll be able to find me as a part of booth 1217. The Periscope Studios booth will be home of a plethora of great cartoonists -- some of who's artwork you just enjoyed during Shannon's "The Pitch" guest storyline. If you're going to be at the show, come by the booth and say hi to Shannon and I!

-Sam Logan

Sep 12, 2014

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Son of the Return of the Revenge of the Q and A Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Did Paxton steal the bracelet from the old ninja emperor for the bracelet [itself], or more out of spite/personal reasons? Is the Paxton that Roanoke was working for the same Paxton on the council (cowboy hat guy)?" -Kurt

Paxton -- who is indeed the dude on the committee with the cowboy hat -- stole the bracelet for unknown reasons.  Or more accurately, he hired Hazel to steal it for him! (From someone.) And then later, Hazel tried to steal it back. Then the ninjas got it, and then the Katts stole it from them, and then Roanoke stole it from them, fought some ninjas and gave it to Paxton again. And then, sometime much later, Carlyle was hired to transport it and the ninjas stole it again!

In other words: the bracelet, AKA "The Band of Wazoo-La", has really made the rounds. And people have made plays for it for various different reasons. Hazel just saw it as a means to an end, at least initially -- returning the band was just a way to get close enough to the emperor to steal his code. And the Katts pride themselves on stealing symbolic "trophies" from various committee members as a show of power. We'll learn why other people might be interested it as time goes on. (Archie will share his own theories next week.)

"Having just recently watched the movie Howard the Duck (and having actually read the credits - yeah, weird, I know), I just couldn't stop wondering: is it just a mind-blowing coincidence, or is the female part of the Kataloggers named after the homonymous real-world fim producer and screenwriter?" - Bernardo

Coincidence! I have never seen Howard the Duck. (Or alternately, I saw it and it was so painful that I have subconciously suppressed the memory.)

"This has probably been asked before (oops!) but do you ever imagine your character's voices? 've always pictured Rexford being very David Carradine-esque and creepy as all hell!" -Charlotte

I don't, honestly! Although the other day, someone on twitter suggested Rexford should be voiced by David Kaye doing his Beast Wars Megatron voice, and now that's all I can hear in my head. Yesssssss...

We return on Monday with more comics! See you then, team.

-Sam Logan

This has probably been asked before (oops!) but do you ever imagine your character's voices? 've always pictured Rexford being very David Carradine-esque and creepy as all hell!