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Aid and Abet, Pt. 35

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Nov 26, 2014

Get a job

As promised, I posted a big update on our Kickstarter about The Underground RPG's jobs system!

Sam and Fuzzy is filled with strange, outrageous, and criminal careers -- Ninja Mafiosos, pop stars, gangster gerbils, evil executives, cyborg enforcers -- and we've made sure to represent them all in our game, as well. But it's also about "normal" people being sucked into extraordinary circumstances. So we've also included a plenty of seemingly "ordinary" careers with unexpectedly useful powers and skills.

You can head over to the Kickstarter site to check it all out. I think it's some pretty cool stuff! But if nothing else, the jobs section is also providing me with a fun excuse to draw portraits of a million different characters from throughout Sam and Fuzzy history! 

Click here to view the full article and big pictures!

I also decided to marker colour one of the big originals we have available as a high end tier. This huge 11x14 party scene is up for grabs in our "ORIGINAL PRINT ART" tier, if anyone is interested!

-Sam Logan

Nov 24, 2014

Do Not Cross

I think I could spend weeks imagining increasingly ridiculous and oversexualized performance concepts for Nic and Tats. But, uh, maybe it's for the best that this is the last one. DO NOT CROSS.

The Underground RPG kickstarter forges ever onward! A little later this week, I'll be making a kickstarter update about our game's unique jobs system, complete with some sample pages from the book. (Which, coincidentally, feature some old familiar faces in the illustrations.) I'll be sure to link to the post here once it goes live.

Over the weekend, we also introduced a new tier: The Oversized Opulent Edition. This version of the book comes with the original artwork for one of our gamebook's larger 8.5 x 11" illustrations. These are the full-page images we'll be using anywhere we want to depict big faction group battle poses and/or action shots. I'm only going to be drawing so many of these, of course, so it's a fairly limited tier. But for those who are into it, here are two examples of the kind of drawing you can expect to recieve!

We return on Wednesday with our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Nov 21, 2014

Hey, guess what? I did a guest comic yesterday for my pals at MegaCynics. It is, appropriately enough, Desert Bus themed! You can read it -- and lots of other comics -- over on the MegaCynics site!

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  RPG Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Do Grrrbills have their representative at the Committtee?" -Motyka

No! Grrbils are a non-Committee organization. And their operations -- engaging in surface crimes as visibly sentient rodents -- actually technically violate the Committee's status quo rules. Their gang is only tolerated because their territory is small, and because they keep their human victims quiet. (And because they reproduce so quickly it makes it hard to outfit them all with quarntine tags.)

In the world guide section of the RPG we're making, I broke down the power dynamics of the Sam and Fuzzy world into Committee Factions and Independent/Rival Factions. The Committee is very powerful, but they don't have a hand in every major organization... some are independent (like the Grrbils), and some are downright antagonistic to Committee operations (like the extremist wolfperson rights organization, the Big Broken Bad Wolves). And in the case of the recently-added-by-way-of-stretch-goal squid people, their organization has split into both a Committe and rival faction. It's been really fun to dig into it at all!

"How are Buddy Bears involved in the RPG pre-Noosehead era? I thought they were all trapped in an abandoned city until S&F went on the run?" -Keith

During the time of our game, the bulk of the Buddy Bears are indeed still in Hope Springs. The Buddy Bears were confined by two things, originally: the physical sealing of the town, and the limited broadcasting range of their master, the Buddy Hivemind.

Without spoiling too much, during the time of our game, there are limited quantities of two kinds of Buddy Bears opperating outisde Hope Springs. The Buddy Prototypes are first run Buddys -- the kind that were built with defective independent brains instead of being controlled by the hivemind -- that were sent to potential investors. Meanwhile, the Emmisaries are a batch of Buddys that were retrofitted with modified independent brains by the Buddy Hivemind and sent out into the world shortly before the town was sealed. You can learn (way) more about all this in the actual book!

Long story short, the Buddys are definitely a rare sight in the Noosehead-era Underground, but they're around... and if you choose to play as one, you get to be one of the few!

"I just remembered that we haven't seen Aaron since Hazel's infiltration of Ninja HQ. Is he still there? Is anyone taking care of his animals? And most importantly: IS BUDDY OK?! I can't imagine what we'd do if Buddy ever died." -Jake

Aaron and Buddy are doing fine! They are just back at the pet store, taking care of things.

In an earlier draft of Off the Sauce, Aaron was going to be one of the members of the burlesque troupe... requested by Gertrude basically out of thoroughly-aged spite, I guess? But it didn't really make a ton of sense -- she hadn't seen or been bothered by Aaron in years. And having him as a second grumpy presense would have distracted from the agony of the one guy she really did put on the team out of spite -- Sam. So I cut him out!

That's a wrap for this week, team. See you on Monday!

-Sam Logan