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Most Wanted, Pt. 6

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Dec 19, 2014

Imminent Holidays

Hello, friends! If it's all right with you, I'm going to take this week off from our traditional Q and A feature. (And if it isn't... uh... too bad because I'm doing it anyway!) We're just busy over here getting ready for holiday shennanigans!

Speaking of which... although Sam and Fuzzy will continue to update as usual through the Christmas season, we'll be taking a break from our current chapter to run some special seasonal strips starting next Wednesday. It is, after all, a sort of tradition around these parts!

See you next week, team!

-Sam Logan

Dec 17, 2014

Last Day to order swag and get pre-Christmas delivery!

Be aware, American pals! If you want to give the gift of Sam and Fuzzy this Christmas, you need to order it today using Express shipping! After today, it will simply be TOO LATE. Unless you are OK with giving tardy gifts. (I know I am OK with you giving tardy gifts.)

Hard to believe the holidays are almost upon us! We'll be running two more strips in this storyline -- on Friday and Monday -- before switching over to our traditional seasonal intermission of holiday-themed strips. I hope you enjoy!

-Sam Logan

Dec 15, 2014


Whew! It was a heck of a campaign, friends, but when all was said and done, we managed to raise 200% of our goal for the Sam and Fuzzy RPG kickstarter! Thank you, everyone, for your incredible support, and for helping us secure so many awesome additions to the project. When all is said and done, I think we're going to have a pretty fun game AND an awesomely thorough guide to the Sam and Fuzzy universe!

And with that, it's back to business as usual! (Well, as usual as it gets around here.) I've got a full week ahead of me working on the game, drawing next week's special season comics, and trying (most likely in vain) to find a friggin Diddy Kong amiibo. Tough cartoonist life! See you on Wednesday.

-Sam Logan