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Most Wanted, Pt. 14

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Jan 16, 2015

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  33 Edition
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"You've stated there are 35 members of the committee but I only see 33 people/empty seats at the table. Did I lose my ability to count? " -Justin

No, I did! You're right: there are, and always have been, 33 members. I don't know why my brain always wants to default to the number 35.

EDIT: Wait, no! There are 31 members, not 33. So I guess neither of us can count! HA!

"Did The Committee track down Hazel's hideout via her tracker? And did they know her position all along?" -Tom

No... they only got the tracker on her when they ambushed her at the hideout. We don't know exactly how they found her hideout in the first place, but Hazel suspects an Eraser must have spotted her while she was out somewhere and followed her back in invisible mode. (Presumably, after viewing the footage of Fuzzy being attacked, the Committee had the entire Eraser force scouring the underground looking for her.)

"Have you ever considered adapting Sam and Fuzzy into a TV show on [adult swim] or even Netflix?" -Joe

Well, to be honest, it'd be the people at [adult swim] or Netflix that would need to do the considering! But no, no one has ever approached me about developing a Sam and Fuzzy TV series, and I've never really pursued it on my own.

It'd be an interesting project to adapt! A lot of Sam and Fuzzy's plots and mysteries are the kind of thing that wouldn't work as well in animation as in print -- for example, if you could have heard Crush's voice, his identity would have never been a mystery! I've always felt like, if I got the chance to develop an animated series, I'd be more inclined to create something new than to retrofit Sam and Fuzzy into that format. But it's all pretty hypothetical at this point!

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-Sam Logan

Jan 14, 2015


Gotta save Furby!

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-Sam Logan

Jan 12, 2015

Go Team Venture!

Be aware, Venture Bros. fans! After far too long a hiatus, a new double-length episode is nearly upon us. It airs on the 19th! Those of you who watch the show already know why that's cause for excitement. (And for those who don't yet, I would suspect a Sam and Fuzzy reader such as yourself would find a lot to like in the massively complex, conspiracy-filled comedic world of Venture Bros.)

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-Sam Logan