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Sin's Gambit, Pt. 34

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Aug 17, 2015

Pretty Puppy Party

Looks like production on My Fair Lady With Vampires 2 has wrapped, and they've already moved straight into the Pretty Puppy series! Will Bonus be the one to bring pretty puppies into the mainstream? Only time will tell.

Our next comic arrives on Wednesday. See you then, team!

-Sam Logan


Aug 14, 2015

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Cardboard Edition
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"Not to sound gross, but did Sin just really Ginsu Brain?!?!  A major Yikes if he did!  And also for the whole 'Sin's Gambit' part, how on Earth is Sin this on the ball with his schemes?" -Deborah

I kind of drew it deliberately vague to downplay the gross factor. (Or alternately, allow the reader to imagine something REALLY terrible!) But yeah... it probably wasn't pretty!

As for Sin... he's just been very, very patient. He has been on the Committee for many years, and after all that time and a lot of careful planning, things finally lined up the right way for him.

"Are you aware that you appeared in Least I Could Do a few days ago? What cardboard were you displaying?" -Keith

Yes, I saw! It is, indeed, based on a true con story.

There were a couple of large cardboard boxes in the back of our booth -- behind the display tables but visible from the aisle -- full of Jeph's plushes and Malki's boardgames. 20 minutes or so before the show opened, a con representative came by the booth and told me it was against con rules to have any "visible cardboard" anywhere in the booth.

In my many years of conning, I've never been to any show with a rule about that before, so I was kind of taken aback by the request and assumed it couldn't possibly actually be that big a deal. But it was their show! So, not wanting to ruffle too many feathers, I hasitly covered the boxes up with some loose plushes before the show started.

Tragically, I forgot to tell Jeph about this whole interaction. So later on in the show, when he sold all the plushes I'd used to cover up the boxes, cardboard became visible again! That was when the con dude came back a second time and issued a citation that said we had one hour to cover up the cardboard or we'd be kicked out of the show. Which seemed a little... uh, harsh? But I guess the dude was annoyed that I'd apparently ignored his earlier warning.

Anyway, we threw a cloth overtop of the boxes, and then later when we'd sold everything that had been in said boxes, we threw them away. Problem solved, I guess! We never heard from the cardboard police again. It was definitely the weirdest interaction I've ever had with a con representative. But you're kind of at their behest at these things... so if they say no cardboard, you lose the cardboard! (Although, as the show went on, I couldn't help but notice a lot of visible cardboard in many of the other booths. Ah well!)

"Have you ever considered moving to the United States? Just think of how much you could lower your production costs if you didn't have to include all those additional letters in words like favorite, color, armor or behavior. Also, you could then cut practically 100% travelling time if you ever wanted to be in the US for some reason. Also also, I hear they have bacon in the US." - Joe

I haven't really ever given it any serious consideration, no! It's actually really difficult for a Canadian to get permission to live and work in the states, particularly if they aren't going down there to work for a specific company that can provide them with a visa. I'd need to have a really specific reason for wanting to move to even consider opening that can of worms, and I've never had one. Canada is pretty nice!

Also, we have tons of bacon in Canada! (And I don't mean "Canadian bacon", which is called "back bacon" or "peameal bacon" up here.)

That's it for this week, team. See you on Monday!

-Sam Logan

Aug 12, 2015

Disney Adventures

Today I've been digging through my old collection of Disney Adventures magazines, trying to figure out which ones I am OK to part with and which ones I need to keep. There were so many great comics in these things that were never published elsewhere! (For example, the completely bonkers SPACE MICKEY AND THE THROGG RAY WARS!)

DA ran a ton of Disney franchise comics -- most of them based on Disney Afternoon TV shows, many of them surprisingly good. But in their later years, they also started publishing a lot of original creator-owned content, too! DA was the first place BONE was ever published in colour, and the first place I ever saw it as a kid. I wish we still had something with the reach of that magazine putting original new comics in front of children's eyeballs. There isn't really anything like it anymore.

Fortunately, we do have the internet! Come back on Friday for our next strip, and a new round of reader Q and A. See you then!

-Sam Logan