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Dec 15, 2003

Get me out of here

Sam and Fuzzy will be moving to a new webserver over the next few days. Unfortunately, our existing server doesn't appear to be able to keep the site up for more than six minutes at a time. This will soon be a thing of the past, like carpeted walls and pastel leisure suits.

I am sitting on a bunch of new stuff for the gallery, as well as a couple of new pieces of keen fanart. I will be putting this stuff up after the move.

Sam Logan

Dec 12, 2003

Are you experienced

I am very sorry about all the downtime the site has been experiencing recently. Sam and Fuzzy will be moving to a new server in the somewhat near future -- hopefully the site will behave itself in the meantime.

I have some major webcomic recommendations for you all today! First of all, Rob Laughter has begun updating Coffee Brain once again! Just read a few strips and you'll understand why this is a cause for celebration. Welcome back, Rob!

Secondly -- I can't get enough of Questionable Content. J. Jacques actually drew a piece of fan art for me back when his webcomic was in its infancy. But recently, I returned to his site to find out that his comic has since developed into something seriously fantastic. Don't miss it!

Sam Logan

Dec 10, 2003

Cigarettes can kill you

In a move I wish more game developers would follow, Sierra has made the entire soundtrack to Metal Arms: A Glitch in the System available to download absolutely free right here. The music is solid enough, but the real treat is the snippets of the game's dialogue, which I probably find funnier than I should.

I've always enjoyed 24, but this season in particular has been incredible so far! Unfortunately, because it is impossible to understand what is going on without watching every episode, I can't in good conscience recommend this show to anyone except those who have already been watching it. Which would be kind of redundant.

And by redundant I mean unnecessary. Like saying something they already know. Needless repetition if you will.

Sam Logan