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Social Hacking, Pt. 3

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Jul 22, 2016


Friends! If it's all right with you, I'm going to take a slight raincheck on today's traditional Q and A feature. But it will run on Monday, along with our next comic. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

Sadly, I am once again not at San Diego Comic-Con this year. But if you head to the Topatoco booth (#1229), you will find a fine selection of my most popular t-shirts! They won't have my two most recent shirts, unfortunately -- you'll need to nab those online -- but they will have a good array of my other recent hits! Be sure to say hi to my friends for me if you do, and tell 'em I miss 'em!

(Alternately, if you'd like to use the internet to simulate the experience of getting a convention commission, you can always partake in my commission sale!)

-Sam Logan

Jul 20, 2016

Bones of the Coast Kickstarter

It's an eventful week, friends! Yesterday afternoon, a new Kickstarter launched for Bones of the Coast -- a new comics anthology with a west coast horror theme.

There are a ton of amazing comics creators in this book... including The Last Halloween's Abby Howard, Wasted Talent's Angela Melick, Prophet's Simon Roy, and many more. It's made for killer collection that's as beautiful as it is spooky.

And yes, as you may have guess by this point... I'm in it, too! And get this... I got to illustrate a brand new story written by Kris Straub, the infamous internet scaremaster responsible for Candle Cove and Broodhollow! How awesome is that? (Pretty awesome.)

Bones of the Coast is kickstarting now, and is heartily recommended. Enjoy!

-Sam Logan

Jul 18, 2016

New Volume!

This is it, friends! The most important volume of Sam and Fuzzy's thus far starts in earnest today! It's called Sam and Fuzzy Race to the Bottom, and the first chapter is Social Hacking. I hope you enjoy! It'll be a bit of a rollercoaster.


Things to get! As you may have seen me mention on twitter or tumblr, I am currently doing a big promo on custom art commissions. Meanwhile (somewhat coincidentally), Topatoco is launching two new t-shirts from me today. That's a lot of stuff! Let me summarize:

To help put a dent in recent moving and home repair bills, I've launched a custom character art sale!  Unlike my Sketch-Off sale events, this one isn't limited to Sam and Fuzzy characters (although they are allowed, too!) or a particular theme. Pet portraits, pop culture stars, silly/sexy pin-ups... all my usual specialties, or any other combo of character and costume/scenario you'd like! I know custom art isn't exactly an impulse purchase, but I've posted my sale prices for one and two-character pieces in a variety of sizes and colouring styles, so hopefully there's a range of options for various budgets.

Meanwhile, I have two new shirts available! Business Up Front, Party in the Back is a brand new one starring everyone's favourite Corgi.  (I had a lot of fun with this one.) And Wearwolves is... uh, Wearwolves. This design was technically created primarily by famous intergalactic Earth-humour expert Ambassador Xog. But I helped with the finishing touches, and I'm bringing it with me on the summer convention circuit, so we wanted to have it available in my online store, too.

Sometimes, readers who are keen to support S&F will ask me what "best" way to do it is... if I prefer readers spend their money one way vs another. Here is the truth: I prefer you get things you like! That's why I make so many different kinds of things. Merch, art commissions, Patreon... it is all equally appreciated and all helps me keep this free comics empire rolling.

We return on Wednesday with a new comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan