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Aug 22, 2016

Wooo Spring Break

Not a lot to say down here today! But hey, in case you missed it: here's a the first batch of bonus art I drew based on randomly-selected suggestions submitted by my Patreon backers:

It's Nicole as an (original) Steven Universe gemsona, Dev as Overwatch's Pharah, and Fuzzy as... naked Fuzzy. I'll be doing another batch later this month based on some of the other suggestions backers sent in... I'll post 'em here when I do!

-Sam Logan

Aug 19, 2016

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Aged Edition
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"Has Rexford's age ever been established? These last few strips make me wonder if he knows way more than he lets on." -Michael

It has not! But he is a dinosaur, and he suggested that a now-fossilized tooth somehow originated from his still-currently-alive head. So there's certainly plenty of strangeness going on there that's worth scratching your chin over.

"Are you still playing Pokemon Go? What level are you?" -K

Yeah! I'm level 21.

There's not a lot to the game, and I didn't expect to still be playing it at this point! But I like collecting things, and because of where and how I live, I get to collect a lot of things. I already take big daily walks because of my dogs, and I live in an area with tons of Poke-stops. So I get hit with a pretty constant bombardment of both items and Pokemon just by doing my normal daily dog-walking routine. Keeps things busy and interesting!

If I didn't have those things going for me I probably would have dropped it by now, though. Can't imagine what it's like trying to play the game in a rural area devoid of Poke-Stops. Seems like there wouldn't be enough to do to stay engaged!

"So, when can we expect a Headcanon III? You know... Headcanon With a Vengeance?"-Matt

I don't know if I'd call it 'Headcanon III' specifically, but I'd love to do another e-book of pin-upy type stuff at some point! They are super fun to make (it's nice to have an outlet for saucy stuff somewhere), and a lot of folks seem to enjoy 'em! I'm just not sure when I'll have time to hunker down and work on it.

I have drawn some new pin-up stuff since Headcanon II, either as commissions or Patreon bonuses, so that gives me a little bit of a head start. But I'd like the main chunk of the book to have some sort of theme, and I'd have to make a bunch of all new material for that! To mix things up, I thought this time it might be fun to do a book with a dating/couples/romance theme and release it around Valentine's Day, but I'm not sure if I could get it done in time.

We'll see I guess!  Maybe I should make the books shorter and release them more often? 50 pages of mostly new art is a lot of work when I'm already drawing so much other stuff. Sometimes I wish the day was just a few hours longer, y'know?

That's a wrap for this week, friends! Come back on Monday for more comics.

-Sam Logan

Aug 17, 2016

Hope Springs eternal

The Hope Springs Buddy population, as you may recall, are a delightful-if-slightly-goofy bunch! (With a wide array of hats.)

The final day-and-a-half of the Bones of the Coast Kickstarter are upon us! If you wanna get in on that west coast-themed horror comics anthology action, you've got a handful of hours left to do it.

We return on Friday with a new comic and new round of Q and A! (If you've got a question you'd like me to answer, just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line.)

-Sam Logan