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Crossed Wires, Pt. 29

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Nov 23, 2016

The Kickstartening

It is time, friends. Today, I'm launching a kickstarter to make the two things readers have demanded most: Volume 5 of the current Sam & Fuzzy series, as well as a brand new Hardcover Omnibus Set that collects all of 1-5 and matches the hardcover Classic & Noosehead omnibuses.

It begins at 10:00am pacific. Come back then for the hook-up and details! A lot of cool stuff is going to be included.

-Sam Logan

Nov 21, 2016

The kickening

Finally, the hardcore nudity everyone was craving!

I will let you in on a little secret, friends. Right now I am hard at work on a brand new kickstarter: one to make some cool new books, of both the softcover and hardcover varieties! I would very much like to launch it later this week, but I've still got a couple of last details to finalize. So stay tuned and come back on Wednesday to see if I've got it all figured out!

-Sam Logan

Nov 18, 2016


Whoops! Here it is, Q and A Friday, and what did I do? I left town for a couple of days without remembering to bring my archive of Q and A questions with me! Whoooops!

I hate to leave you in the lurch, though, so here's a slightly different piece of insider info: a page I wrote about Pintsize's slightly altered S&F universe design, and how I tried to tweak him look a little more at home among the clunkier, more appliance-esque, less Apple-sleek robots of Megalopolis 01. (I originally wrote this for last month's issue of Sam and Fuzzy Extra -- a PDF e-magazine I send out to $5+ Patreon backers each month that I stuff with a mix of bonus art and behind-the-scenes prattling on.)

We return on Monday, friends, for our next comic and also hopefully some news about NEW BOOKS. Hold on to your butts!

-Sam Logan