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Crossed Wires, Pt. 41

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Dec 21, 2016


The end is nigh, friends... the end of the new Sam and Fuzzy Kickstarter! You have until 7pm pacific time today to back the project and nab yourself any of our new softcover and hardcover book collections. (Or any of the old ones as well, for that matter!)

Starting at 5pm today, I'll be streaming and drawing on Twitch as we count down the last two hours of the campaign. We'll see where this crazy ride takes us!

And we'll be back here on Friday, of course, for a pretty killer new comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Dec 19, 2016

Kick it

Three days remain of the new Sam and Fuzzy book Kickstarter!
For those just tuning in, this campaign is your chance to get my latest softcover book, or a brand new three-hardcover collection of the entire "new" Sam and Fuzzy series so far. (IE: All the comics I've made since the ones in the original hardcover omnibus I kickstarted back in 2013.)

And it's also our chance to transform your support into cool extras and other bonuses for the project! Our sixth stretch goal -- an extra print in our "Gilded" Bonus Pack -- was conqured over the weekend. And we're already half way to our seventh: adding a bonus chapter of excerpts from Malcolm's conspiracy blog to the book. I am not sure how many cool bonuses and enhancements we'll be able to add before the campaign ends, but I guess we'll soon find out! We're getting a lot of support for this project, which is both tremendously exciting and very touching.

Our next comic arrives on Wednesday... the last day of the campaign! (It ends at 7pm pacific time.) See you then, friends!

-Sam Logan

Dec 16, 2016

5 days left!

Our 5th stretch goal was conquered yesterday! That means  -- in addition to the luxurious spotgloss, author commentary chapter, bonus e-artbook and stickers that our backers have already funded -- swanky spine ribbon bookmarks have been added to all our new hardcovers, too! And there are still 5 days of the Sam and Fuzzy Kickstarter to go. Yow!

In other news, I saw Rogue One last night and enjoyed the heck out of it! I had anticipated an action-heavy film with not-especially compelling characters, but I was really charmed by the core crew and thought the film did a good job of giving each of them a solid (if efficient) arc and several moments to shine. And honestly, it's hard to complain about the emphasis on action when said action is so gorgeously shot. The whole package is a tight piece of work. Easily a top three Star Wars film for me.

We return on Monday with a new comic. See you then, friends!

-Sam Logan