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Crossed Wires, Pt. 43

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Jan 2, 2017


A new year is upon us, and Crossed Wires resumes! The secret history of Unit 01, and a bunch of other fun surprises, are finally ready to be spilled. I, for one, am pretty stoked! This story has been a long time coming -- I feel like I've been dropping little easter eggs about it for ages -- and it's pretty exciting to finally dig in.

In other news, it's going to be a busy couple of weeks for me, as I put the finishing touches on our freshly Kickstarted new books and get 'em ready to be sent to the printers. But worry not: your regularly scheduled dose of Sam and Fuzzy will continue to arrive unimpeded. The next one lands on Wednesday. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Dec 30, 2016

Skull Panda's New Year

For our final update of actual 2016, here's a special Skull Panda strip courtesy of infamous alternative cartoonist Rikk Estoban. Thanks for your contribution, Rikk.

WE RETURN ON MONDAY to pick up right where we left off with our terrible pre-Christmas cliffhanger: the next installment of our Crossed Wires storyline! And lemme tell you, you won't want to miss where this sucker goes. See you then, everyone!

-Sam Logan

Dec 28, 2016

Holiday Revue

Our seasonal bonuses week continues with today's visit with Gert and company. Doing some side comics about workplace antics at the Saucy Hippo is one of my those "maybe someday" project ideas I have far too many of, but until that day comes, we'll make do with this one-off holiday drop-in.

I've got one more holiday strip heading your way this Friday! Then on Monday, we're back to Unit 01 and the Crossed Wires storyline. See you then!

-Sam Logan