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Unfixable, Pt. 33

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Jun 23, 2017

Hedgehogs and hornets

Whew! The writing part of my brain just isn't firing this evening. I've been working on a big part of the story, which has been going well, but it's been sucking up all my WORD ENERGY! So I decided to give myself a break and skip the Q and A feature this week.

But I have something else fun for you instead! Yesterday was the last day of Sonic's big 25th anniversary year. (Sonic turns 26 today!) So to celebrate the last possible day of Sonic-is-25 jokes, I drew this picture of Sonic renting a car. (The car in question being the Hornet from Daytona, because... well, because I just kinda felt like drawing the Hornet!)

Thought it turned out pretty cute! You can find it on twitter or tumblr, if you use either of those things.

We return on Monday with our next comic. See you then, team!

-Sam Logan

Jun 21, 2017


Man, it's always something that broke out, isn't it?

In other news, here's a little joke I drew about Kirby and Mario (and in particular, Mario's new 'capture' abilities in Mario Odyssey). You might have already seen it... this thing went kinda crazy after I put it on my twitter and tumblr on Monday. Then Nintendo retweeted it and it got even crazier!

We return on Friday with a new comic and a new round of Q and A! As always, if you've got a question you'd like me to answer, just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line.

-Sam Logan

Jun 19, 2017

Anime Expo

I mean, what were you expecting to find down there? Lab Lab?

Hey... anyone out there going to Anime Expo in LA next week? Because for the first time ever, I am! I've heard good things. I hope to see lots of you there, meet lots of cool folks, and you know... anime some anime. As you do.

Our next comic arrives Wednesday! See you then, team.

-Sam Logan