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Feb 6, 2004

Horseshoes have got to be tossed

Yes, it is really the last day for ordering I'm Communism shirts. They grow up so fast. Sniffle!

I've freshened up my little Recommended Reading sidebar, as you might have noticed. Checkerboard Nightmare is probably the funniest webcomic I have ever read, Girly is Josh L at his absolute best, and Questionable Content continues to amaze me with its biting humour and rock solid characterization. Trust me when I say that they are all Good Comics.

I should probably update the regular links section as well, but I'll leave that for later.

Sam Logan

Feb 4, 2004

That baggage handler playing with my suitcase

I've added a new shirt sizing info section to the shop to help you make more informed purchasing decisions. For those who have already bought a shirt, if you would like to change the size you ordered, just email me and let me know! And for those who haven't bought a shirt... only three days left!

Buying things on the internet can be fun. Let me tell you a little story about a CD I purchased from When I opened up the packaging and took a look at the CD, it was all scratched. This was not the fault of Amazon of course, as the CD was still factory sealed. But in any event, I sent it back to Amazon and they promptly sent me a free replacement copy.

Then, one week later, they sent me another one.

I suppose I could have just kept it, but gosh darn it, I am too much of a boy scout for that. So I told them what happened and mailed it back to them. Then they accidentally refunded my money for the extra CD I returned, which I never paid for in the first place.

I emailed them about this earlier today. I fully expect that tommorrow I will awake to an additional ten copies of the CD and a complimentary fruit basket at my door.

Sam Logan

Feb 2, 2004

I have added a new shirt sizing info section to the shop. If you have already ordered a shirt and really need a different size, let me know before Friday and I can change your order.

I'm wearing out the flooring in a cheap motel

I've fixed up the coding for a couple of sections of the website -- namely the shop and the fanart gallery -- so that they will now work for those of you who haven't been assimilated. Sorry I didn't catch these mistakes earlier!

This is the last week that the I'm Communism shirts are available for order. After that, they're going the way of the Soviet Union.

Man, I am seriously running out Communism jokes, here.

Sam Logan