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Feb 20, 2004

Season Two: Alteka & Fuzzy

Well it turns out Ashton's chron-something exploded for no logical reason at all *cough*Iknownothing*cough*, so I'm taking over today! Some of you already know me from the various artsy things that get posted here, which always involve mechas, destruction, and/or kitties... the best things in life.

Speaking of artsy things, here's a little thing Sam and I collaborated on. As you may infer, Sam's allergic to cats, while I'm always covered in them:

(original coloured version here)

We were thinking of doing a short comic together, perhaps involving Taxibot taking on giant railgun-armed mechas while delivering passengers.. or something like that. I'm still trying to hit a colouring style that works with his inking, so drop me a line if it's something you think would be neat. I have plenty of other colouring styles that might work too.


Feb 18, 2004

Their directive's tracking down your crime

I'll be out of town the next few days, trying my hand at snowboarding. Hopefully, it will go better than the last time I went snowboarding, which no one is allowed to talk about ever again.

Though I won't be here to do it myself, Friday's update should go up without a hitch thanks to some chron-something-or-another that codemeister Ashton whipped up with his ungodly powers.

All I'm Communism shirts have shipped!

Sam Logan

Feb 16, 2004

Even straight roads meander

A country run by Fuzzy would be a great place to live, provided that you were a) Fuzzy, or b) not someone who isn't Fuzzy.

I've added a new piece of art to the fanart gallery. This one is from forum-goer Murp27. Check it out!

Sam Logan