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Rock Bottom, Pt. 2

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Jun 22, 2018

Dog Elected

Thank you to everyone who helped support the Vote Dog campaign! You not only funded the project, but helped secure a ton of awesome enhancements and additions to the book. I'm super stoked to get these books made and in your hands. (And to draw all these fun bonus comics that got added via stretch goals!)

I'm a little exhausted from the last chunk of the campaign, though, so I'll keep things brief down here today. But I'll return on Monday, both with a new comic and a new round of Q and A! See you then, everyone!

-Sam Logan

Jun 20, 2018

Rock Bottom

This is it, friends. The start of a big new chapter of Sam and Fuzzy! It's called Rock Bottom, and it has been a long time coming. Hold onto your butts!

It's also the final push for the Vote Dog Kickstarter! The campaign ends at 6pm Pacific on Thursday. If you back it before then, you can help us hit stretch goals to add more features to the book, including new comics about characters like Baker and Classic-era S&F critter Chompy the Dino-Cat... and possibly some other fun surprises!

Anything you nab via the Kickstarter contributes to the goal, so if you've been looking to nab some of our other books, or commission a custom drawing or pin-up, it's a particularly great way to do it. And of course, the end result will be a beautiful full-colour Vote Dog book, with hardcover and softcover editions that match all my S&F books. Ooh, ahh!

Thanks so much for your support, everyone. Wish me luck! And see you on Friday with our next comic.

-Sam Logan

Jun 18, 2018


The next big Sam and Fuzzy chapter starts later this week! But today, I wanted to share one of the new Butcher the Cat strips that I made for Vote Dog. I thought people might get a particular kick out of this one because, while it would feel perfectly at home alongside a lot of the Classic era S&F Butcher strips, it tells a joke that would have been really hard to do in black and white!

Speaking of which, the Vote Dog Kickstarter ends on Thursday! If you like my pet-related S&F strips, you'll wanna nab this one... most of 'em have never been in an S&F collection and will only be in this book! Plus, we've already hit our first stretch goal, which means if you back now, you can suggest a critter to include in our expanded giant pet crowd scene in the comments here! And that's not all...

In addition to securing you rad swag, books, and possibly even custom original art, backing the Kickstarter will also help us reach our other bonus goal additions, including spot gloss for our covers, new bonus comics featuring a Baker/President Dog Team-Up and Chompy the Dino-Cat, and maybe even some other fun stuff! The more support I get, the more cool stuff I can add to the book!

Thank you, everybody! Wish me luck! And come back on Wendesday for our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan