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Rock Bottom, Pt. 16

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Jul 25, 2018


Hazel really knows how to party.

Hey... did you miss the Vote Dog Kickstarter? You can still get in on our books, pins, and other rewards by preordering in our Vote Dog Preorder Store! All preorders will ship alongside our kickstarter backer orders later this year.

Vote Dog collects all my President Dog, Baker the Corgi, and other pet-related strips in one full-colour book. Most of these comics will never appear in any of the other Sam and Fuzzy books, and some of them are brand new just for the book! So if you like those critters, I encourage you to check it out!

Come back on Friday for our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan


Jul 23, 2018

Con'd Out

Thanks to everyone who swung by the booth to say hello at San Diego Comic-Con! It was nice to be back after so many years away. See you again next time!

Today kicks off a calm interim week, before I'm thrown right back into con chaos next week with Gen Con. Wish me luck!

-Sam Logan

Jul 20, 2018

Comic-Con Continues

I'm knee-deep in San Diego Comic-Con! If you're at the show, be sure to come see me at booth 1229. Here's a map! You won't forget it.

We return on Monday with our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan