SAM & FUZZY, by Sam Logan (updates M/W/F)

Rock Bottom, Pt. 45

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Oct 8, 2018


I am up to seven pieces and counting for this month's Inktober! Check out my instagram or twitter if you want to see what I've been drawing each day!

Our next comic lands on Wednesday. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Oct 5, 2018


I had fun with the layout of this page. I hope you...

...dig it.


Well, thanks for joining us down here today! Come back on Monday, when we'll have a new comic and a new newspost that may or may not be a comedic masterpiece like this one was. Pow!

-Sam Logan

Oct 3, 2018

We dig dig dig

It's Inktober time again! If you're not already doing so, you can tune in to my instagram or twitter to see what I draw each day. (So far, I've drawn a Hexidecimal and a Spider-Punk!)

We return on Friday with our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan