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Rock Bottom, Pt. 52

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Oct 24, 2018


Our next comic arrives Friday! You'll probably want to come read that one.

Meanwhile, I'm in the home stretch of #Inktober! I've drawn one new inked black-and-white illustration for every day of October. (And also a ton of inked black-and-white comic pages but who's counting?) 

You can see all the pictures I've drawn so far on my Instagram or Twitter! It's mostly fan art, but there are a couple spooky S&F-themed pieces and pin-ups in the mix, too.

-Sam Logan

Oct 22, 2018

The Pit

Our next comic arrives Wednesday. You'll want to be there!

-Sam Logan

Oct 19, 2018

October Patreon Rewards

Team, I am completely beat today. So I think I'll give myself a little break and save the Q and A for next week! I trust today's comic is compelling enough on it's own. You will most definitely want to come back on Monday for the next one!

Meanwhile, a new month's worth of rewards are now available on Patreon! There's Smash Bros bonus art! Behind-the-scenes features! And there's lots of new stuff for Pin-Up art backers, too, including new comic pages and the final three pieces of Andrea's 4th-wall-shredding burlesque set. (As always, some of the pin-up stuff is nsfw).

Come back on Monday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan